10 Tips to Protect your Garden

10 Tips to Protect your Garden

10 tips to protect your garden

The opposite can very quickly become a hell according to nature more or less curious about the neighbors. Take our advice to find a little intimacy and of serenity in your garden safe from scrutinizing glances.

1- To install a palisade Inwood panel

The palisade will hide you completely inquisitive eyes. Easy to pose, these light panels could be painted with the taste of each one or covered of plants to mask them.

2 To plant trees If the opposite is in height

For example, a window which overhangs your court protect your garden, plant a tree with strong development in a strategic way. Do not forget the regulation which forces to plant this kind of tree with more than 2 meters of the limit of property. Choose a persistent variety to be protected throughout the year.

3 To make a natural breezesight very 

To let go of your creativity by making a panel breezesight with thatches of bamboos placed at the vertical and maintained by wire. If you have at your disposal of the flexible branches like those of the hazel tree or of the weeping willow braid Plessis to which you will be able to make take all kinds of forms, in order to create intimist zones.

4 To create an environment of jungle 

If you have the green hand, you let go to the multiple plantations plants to the dense foliages or voluble which, little by little, will create a true cocoon of greenery around you.

5 To use climbing plants  To mask opposite

N nothing as such as a climbing plant trained on a netting, a pergola or a trelliswork. Vigorous wisteria, green hops, passiflora or bougainvillea in hot zones, ivy, constitute as many solutions to live hidden.

6to misuse the veils of shade Very trends

The tended veils of shade constitute also objects of déco with by whole which makes it possible to modulate space by creating zones of shade and intimacy. Place one or more veils visavis finding your peace opposite.

7 To create an external living room

To benefit from a court, of a terrace or a garden in summer, install a living room of garden and protect it from the inquisitive eyes with curtains. Very light the nets curtain will be driven with the breeze.

8 To assemble a low wall 

Windscreen and breezesight, the wall remains an effective solution to protect itself from the opposite. In breeze block, it could be painted or masked by plants with cramps like ivy or the Virginia creeper, out of dry stones, it will be very aesthetic and will shelter a useful fauna.

9 To invite the tropics

Put exoticism protect your garden by planting plants at giant sheets like the gunnère, the alocasia or the banana tree. Installed in mass, they will mask you constant glances.

10 Install folding screens

Removable with leisure, light and removable constantly, the folding screen remains a solution to plan to protect a small zone protect your garden from opposite awkward. In fabric, wrought iron or very natural materials, you will inevitably find that which will be appropriate to you!

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