10 Tips to Trimming Beautiful Trees

10 Tips for Trimming Beautiful Trees

10 Tips to Trimming Beautiful Trees
10 Tips to Trimming Beautiful Trees

Whether you have coniferous, deciduous, or fruit-bearing trees, there is a certain amount of maintenance that needs to be done each year to keep them healthy. Trimming and pruning are especially important as it prevents damage from spreading. To keep your trees full and beautiful, here are a few pruning tips from your professional tree trimming service.

  • 1/ Know when to trim

The best time to trim your tree is during the cold season. Fall and winter usually cause most trees to go dormant. When this happens, it’s easiest to trim the tree because there are no leaves to inhibit your view of the buds and branches.

  • 2/ Don’t trim just any branch

Before you start pruning, it’s important to consider the size of each branch. If a branch is less than 5 centimeters in diameter, it’s fine to trim. If the branch is any larger than that, you may want to reconsider. Unless there is an important reason to trim the branch, these large, strong branches should remain intact.

  • 3/ Trim weak and damaged branches

The point of pruning a tree is to remove branches that are preventing the tree from putting all of its energy into healthy branches. If a branch is weak or damaged, it should be pruned. Lateral branches should be about one-half to three-quarters of the diameter of the stem. If they are less than this, they are okay to be cut off.

  • 4/ The earlier the better

If you catch weak or damaged branches when they are younger, it’s better to prune them. This reduces the risk of scars and shock to the rest of the tree.

  • 5/ When trimming a tree

never remove more than one-quarter of the branches at a time. This could cause the tree to go into shock. If more than one-quarter needs to be trimmed, spread it out over the course of a few years.

  • 6/ Trees should never trump safety

If your trees are in danger of damaging power lines or homes, it’s time to trim them. It’s also important to provide a clear path for pedestrians and drivers. Carefully prune a tree to ensure that you and others are kept safe.

  • 7/ When pruning a tree

Keep the lateral branches evenly spaced out. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, but it promotes healthy growth for the tree.

  • 8/ If you Need to Remove More

If you need to remove more than half of the branches and leaves from its stem, it’s better to remove the whole branch. This prevents damage from spreading.

  • 9/ Be sure to wear protective gear when pruning.

Eyewear, gloves, and harnesses should be worn to prevent injury.

  • 10/ Call a professional when you are unsure how to proceed.

Trees can be tricky to trim. If you aren’t sure how to prune your branches, leave it to the professionals.

Pruning your trees is important to the growth of branches and the overall health of your tree. Whether you choose to trim them yourself, make sure that your trees are well taken care of.

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