12 Easy Steps to Get Your Natural Lawn Off Drugs

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12 Easy Steps to Get Your Natural Lawn Off Drugs

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Be a good neighbor! Don’t poison the soil, natural lawn or the water or the people in your neighborhood with chemicals. Weed & Feed and other chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not necessary and there are natural lawn care steps you can take to reduce your weeds and pest problems!


Tolerate some weeds and allow beneficial plants to exist such as clover in your lawn for its nitrogen-fixing magic.


Hand Digging Weeds is the best method of weed control. More than 80% of all weeds are annuals. Hand remove annual weeds before they seed, and remember to remove the roots of perennials. But don’t give up! An old knife or fork will do or dandelion weeders are inexpensive.


Before weeds fill them in. Most important is to plant a mixture rather than a single variety (e.g. 60% fescue mix, 10% Perennial Ryegrass, 30% Kentucky Bluegrass + 2-3% Dutch White Clover). Diseases can be quite selective. A mixture of grasses will prevent the complete destruction of your lawn.


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