Best 13 Alien Vegetables You Can Find On Earth


Best 13 Alien Vegetables You Can Find On Earth

13 Alien Vegetables You Can Find On Earth

The following 13 alien vegetables look like they have been harvested from alien lands. In reality, they are all available to buy on planet Earth!

Prepare to encounter vegetables that appear to have landed from distant galaxies, their forms defying conventional norms. From the bizarrely shaped to the brilliantly colored, each of these earthly delights boasts a unique story and a flavor that ranges from the familiar to the utterly exotic.

Whether you’re an adventurous culinary enthusiast seeking new flavors or simply intrigued by the marvels of nature, this guide will introduce you to some of the most extraordinary vegetables that will undoubtedly leave you marveling at the sheer diversity and creativity our planet has to offer.

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on a captivating voyage through the unexpected and mesmerizing world of the best thirteen alien vegetables you can find right here on Earth.

Top 13 Alien Vegetables on Earth

1. Alien Broccoli

Romanesco Veronica cauliflower – or fractal cauliflower as it’s often called – is E.T.’s lettuce. The spiraling structure makes it look like a higher intelligence cultivated it and left some behind for mankind to discover.

Taste it: you won’t tell the difference from ordinary cauliflower.

2. Purple Carrots

If Bugs Bunny was born on Pluto, he would probably eat these. This is a hybrid plant – a mix between carrots and purple haze – and is a sweet variety of carrots (like baby carrots). Believe it or not, most carrots have a purple color in the wild. Domestic crops have turned orange after generations of breeding.

3. Okinawan Potato

If Earth (the blue planet) and Mars (the red planet) were to collide, I reckon one of the resulting hybrid species would be the Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato. Native to Okinawa, a small island controlled by Japan, this sweet potato is sweeter than its orange cousin and is often used in desserts.

4. Buddha’s Hand

No, this is not an alien hanging from its hair. This is what’s known as a Buddha’s Hand Citron, a bizarre Asian fruit that has no juice content. The fruit’s “flesh” is a single mass similar to the white coating on the inside of an orange rind.  A strange texture, indeed, but tastes good and smells amazing.

5. Giant Cabbage

I can’t help but feel that giant aliens hate greens as much as Earthlings do, so they left this one behind. This cabbage head weighs 125.9 pounds… more than Angelina Jolie after an ice cream binge. The leaves span for 5 feet, the average height of a 13-year-old boy. Eat at your own risk – it may try to bite you back.

6 Messed Up Sweet Potato

So, this is Earth’s largest potato. It weighs in at 24.9 pounds and, as you can see, is twice the size of Khalil Semhat’s head. Semhat, the potato farmer, must have an alien green thumb to grow something so… out of this world.

7. Purple Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi vegetables – also known as German turnips – are the size of alien eyes and were once a favorite side during European Medieval times. They taste like a broccoli stem, except sweeter.

8. Purple Cauliflower

Scientists say purple cauliflower differs from white cauliflower due to antioxidants known as anthocyanin. Available for purchase on Neptune? Maybe. Available in your local grocery store here on Earth?  More than likely.

9. Coral-Shaped Mushroom

Hericium coralloides is a terrestrial mushroom with alien ideas. Instead of “blooming” like its fungi brothers, it “explodes” in every direction. The result is an edible mushroom that looks exactly like a sea coral.

10. Pear Baby

Gao Xianzhang, a Chinese horticulturist, has intervened in the natural processes of nature to create something out of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Using specially designed molds, he grows altered pears that sell for 5 dollars each.  The pears resemble the praying Buddha, and taste like… you guessed it… regular pears.

11. Square Watermelon

The planet is round, not flat… and now watermelons are square, not round? Novelty items in Japan, Square or cubic watermelons are watermelons that are shaped like a cube. Cubed watermelons are commonly sold in Japan, where they are mainly ornamental and are often very expensive, these square watermelons are created with a unique planting and growing method. The Cone Heads couldn’t have come up with a better idea.

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