15 Amazing Indoor Gardens In the World

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15 Amazing Indoor Gardens In the World

15 Amazing Indoor Gardens In the World15 Amazing Indoor Gardens In the World

The following 15 gardens are amazing examples of how modern technology can bring nature indoors.

1. Gardens Under Tokyo Bank Vault

garden indoor

This garden, which is hidden underneath an office building in the Otemachi business district in Tokyo is the perfect example of a secret hidden garden. It is an underground rice and vegetable field which takes advantage of the existing structure. This area was once used to house a bank vault, but thanks to computer controlled light and a temperature it is the perfect growing area for these amazing plants.

2. Indoor Vertical Garden

garden indoor 2

Would you think this is an optical illusion, a painting or truthfully an indoor vertical garden? This unique indoor garden is 8 meters long by almost 6 meters wide. The designer of this stunning indoor garden, Patrick Blanc created this unique piece for the national concert hall located in Taipei, Taiwan. This structure continues to wow visitors whenever they visit the concert hall.

3. Subway Garden

garden indoor 3
Another subway secret garden is on the tram stop to Koraku-en. It’s underground and surrounded by the glass; lit by sun lamps; and every now and then a mist spray watered it. This image could be a glimpse of what the future holds for all indoor plants.

4. Madrid Main Train Station

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