Best 41 Garden Tips You Can Use

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Best 41 Garden Tips You Can Use

Best 41 Garden Tips You Can UseBest 41 Garden Tips You Can Use

#1 If your old garden hose leaks in several places, put it aside for the hot, dry summer days. Cut it in several new places, plug the one end and attach it to a faucet. It makes an excellent lawn sprinkler.

#2 To make an old fashioned rain barrel, buy a 30-gallon plastic garbage can, cut a small hole in the lid, and place it under a downspout with the spout through the hole. Then insert a cheap plastic spigot near the bottom of the can.

#3 Discarded shipping pallets make great compost bins. Place one pallet on the ground, and drive 2 metal support poles per side into the ground. Then slip the pallet sides over the top of the poles and your bin is complete.

#4 A small extension curtain rod makes a good support for tall plants. As the plants grow, the rod can be adjusted so that it is always the right height.

#5 When pruning, close all tree wounds with expandable foam (like Great Stuff or pruning paint) to prevent borers.


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