5 Best Attractive Indoor Plants To Satisfy Our Nature Cravings


5 Best Attractive Indoor Plants To Satisfy Our Nature Cravings

Growing your own plants in your own home has been a thing from centuries ago. Before, we actually lived in forests or jungles as hunter-gatherers. Then we started to farm and be territorial with our lots. Being with different plants is ingrained in us.

Even if the times are modern, we crave for what has been the home of our ancestors. You want greens surrounding our homes, the more obvious it is the better. You need that relaxing, soothing sight whenever we hang out inside our rooms.

People are now seeing the advantages of putting up indoor plants and they are keen to post their huge plant collections in their social media. It is time to buy your own plant collections and see the benefits yourself. Want to have the best “indoor jungle” and create a good plant collection?

The Best Plants to Get in your Indoor Home or Office


PhilodendronsFor those who are only starting to plant, philodendrons are great for beginners. It is also an overwhelmingly attractive plant that will catch your attention as some of its variants have vining properties.

Although it is naturally a tropical plant, it can thrive in low humidity levels as well. It also needs indirect sunlight or a partial shade. Make sure it gets enough sunlight wherever you place it inside your room.

Although it can be placed in different containers like pots, baskets, or transparent glass, it would be good if you put it in medium or large containers to see the full potential of it. It needs to have a certain amount of water to thrive and be careful with overwatering it.


Growing Orchids At Home

Orchids are not only good for low-maintenance plant mommas (or papas), they are also an eye-catcher indoor plant. If you want something that you ignore for many days yet still look beautiful, orchids can be a great addition.

The size can be small, medium, or large. It can be a big piece of plant on the corner of your room or a table centerpiece, it can grow depending on the size of your container. The flower can have various colors like white, yellow, purple, or red. There are many to choose from. If you take care of it properly, it can last for many months.


SucculentsSucculents are one of the best plant variants for beginners and the most popular low-maintenance indoor plant as you can almost leave it behind without worrying about it dying. If you do not have a watering routine yet, then succulents would be good for you. It is one of the easiest plants to take care of without being too intricate with taking care of it.

This plant can survive without water and dry soil, although it would be best if you could give it sunlight within a certain amount of time.  This plant can be placed in the corner of your room, as a table piece, or as a plant in your windowsill.

Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s IvyIf you want an overwhelmingly eye-catching plant, then you can purchase Devil’s Ivy. This is a tropical plant that is also coined as pothos or golden pothos. It is also almost disease-free, you can take care of it without the hassle of pests.

One of the catch with this eye-catching green plant is that you only have to water it once a week during summers and once every other week for winters. Also, you need to situate the plant where there is indirect sunlight. It cannot thrive in deep shade. You can hang it in your cabinets or baskets while its leaves are draping.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Another good plant for indoors is Peace Lily. Peace Lily is a low maintenance plant that looks attractive indoors and it is also the center of attention with its large shrubbery look with a flower in its center.

Not only is it a big plant indoors to look at, but it is also one of the best air purifiers as well. It can remove toxic air indoors that you did not know inhabits your rooms. It can help the air stay fresh. To take care of this plant, as it needs indirect sunlight. Its soil also needs to be moist from time to time but not too much as it cannot tolerate being overwatered especially if you want a flower for it to grow.


Taking care of plants can be a stress reliever for individuals because humans naturally crave for greens and nature. Although it is not food nor air that we thought that are only essential for survival, plants near you that you can see every day are also essential as well.

It may seem difficult to grow your own plants especially with average gardening skills but do not fret, there are plants that seem grand and difficult like these plants because of their beauty yet they are easy to take care of. Just know the best plants that look hard but absolutely friendly indoors.

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