5 Reasons Why Terracotta Pots are Good for Your Flowering Plants

5 Reasons Why Terracotta Pots are Good for Your Flowering Plants
5 Reasons Why Terracotta Pots are Good for Your Flowering Plants

5 Reasons Why Terracotta Pots are Good for Your Flowering Plants

5 Reasons Why Terracotta Pots are Good for Your Flowering Plants5 Reasons Why Terracotta Pots are Good for Your Flowering Plants

Do you love spending (Terracotta Pots) your time amidst plants and flowers in your beloved garden? Then I am sure you take all the necessary steps to provide a healthy life for the plant and trees of your garden. One such aspect of keeping your plants healthy for a long period of time is by using clay pots. These pots are favorite among gardeners and for a good reason. Read this blog to know the importance of terracotta pots for your garden.

Choice of pots Melbourne is considered to be an important element in gardening and if you are a gardener, you will surely know its benefits on flowering plants. Clay pots have been used for ages all over the world until their plastic counterparts came into existence. Today almost every garden will have a crowd of plastic pots but its benefits are still questionable compared to that of the clay ones.

Here are the amazing benefits of terracotta pots that every gardener must know.

  1. Affordable

No matter what is budget, clay pots will suit your needs as they are affordable compared to that of large, ornate planters. Another reason to use clay pots is that they tend to beautify with age as the weather and absorb minerals and salts from the soil. If your budget is restricted, opt for reused terracotta pots. They have a beautiful rustic that no other material can provide.

  1. Provides aeration

Excessive water can cause harm to the plants since it clogs the soil and hinders the roots from breathing. Clay pots absorb and lose moisture through their walls thus allowing oxygen to enter into the soil and aerate the roots. Terracotta pots Melbourne is thus extremely essential to keep your plants healthy and strong. So, if you are a gardener who tends to kill plants with tenderness and kindness by overwatering them, clay pot can be your only solution.

  1. Insulation

Container gardening requires imitating the plant’s natural growing environment including the soil temperature. Since clay is a thick and porous material, it naturally slows down the heat transfer between the soil and the external environment, avoiding a sudden temperature change that is harmful to the plant. Clay pots hold warmth during winters and dissipate heat through water vapor during summer, providing all-around protection for your plants throughout the years.

  1. Weight

Plastic flower pots are lightweight and easy to transport or store, but they can easily trip in windy conditions or with top-heavy plants. Very heavy pots can avoid this problem but they are difficult to move from one place to another. The best option is terracotta pot as they are heavier than plastic pots but lighter than concrete or stone planters thus it won’t trip or it will be easier to carry around.

  1. Environment-friendly

Clay pots are environment-friendly as you can use the broken pieces of these pots as a filter to the base of other pots to add drainage. When you are throwing away the broken bits you are not adding anything toxic to the land fields but returning them the soil from where these pots came from.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the nearest shop selling garden accessories to buy pots and terracotta pots and get the right pot for your home container garden. If you love to experiment, opt for a different garden ornament that will also work wonders for your little plot of land, you can buy terracotta pots from amazon store here:

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