Best 5 Tips for the Low-Maintenance Gardener


5 Tips for the Low-Maintenance Gardener

5 Tips for the Low-Maintenance Gardener

Do you love a beautiful garden but lack the time or ability to tend to it? A low-maintenance garden could be the solution for you. This doesn’t mean making do with a plain or uninspired landscape; with good design and planning, you can have a dream garden whilst keeping maintenance to a manageable level.

With a busy, modern life, it can be hard to dedicate much time to our gardens. We’re often busy with work and parenting – and we don’t always have the green-thumb skill set needed to keep our vegetation looking picture-perfect.

1. Create a Beautiful Meadow

Discover the beauty and ease of a wildflower meadow. Even a small garden can include its very own mini meadow; a small patch of an informal flower garden. It is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to maintaining a lawn.

Manicured lawns are a hassle to maintain and require regular weeding, fertilizing, and mowing, whereas a meadow needs no fertilizing and hardly any watering. Once you prepare the planting area and sow the seeds, you would only have to provide some early care to get the ball rolling.

2. Go for a More Relaxed Lawn

If you want to have a lawn, tough lawn mixes are nice looking but a lot less work than fine, high-quality turf. Go for ‘multi-purpose’, “hard-wearing, “low maintenance” turf. These lawns can withstand dry spells and waterlog, and you can be more relaxed about weeding, feeding, and mowing, creating a more natural look requiring less maintenance than a more formal lawn.Gardening Tips for Low Maintenance Garden

3. Add Some Zen and Hardscapes

Creating a minimalistic low maintenance space can be a refuge from the outside world. A Zen garden has a distinctive aesthetic beauty incorporating rock, gravel, and sand. Although caring for the garden is considered an important part of garden Zen principles, your maintenance routine could be as simple as picking fallen leaves and using a fine-toothed metal rake on the gravel to keep patterns crisp.

Rock balancing is an art form that has gained popularity and can be a visually stunning feature for your garden. Such hardscapes including paved pathways, garden sculptures, sundials, patios, and decks add something aesthetically pleasing but require virtually no maintenance.

4. Pick the Right Plants for the Right Place

If your garden can take its height and spread, hardy evergreens do not need that much care once established. Weed control in borders and the maintenance of herbaceous perennials can be time-consuming. Going for shrubs instead of perennial beds is another option. Shrubs are easy to plant and with an overlay of bark or gravel, will not need any weeding for several seasons.

5. Let Irrigation Systems Do the Watering for You

Install an automatic irrigation system to do the watering for you. A sprinkler with a timer for the lawn and a drip irrigation system for plants are useful hacks to get your garden through dry spells without the burden of having to spend time watering the garden. It could also come in handy if you have to go away and don’t have anyone to water those plants. You won’t have to worry about returning to a withered garden.

There is plenty of DIY material available to help you design and install a low-maintenance garden yourself. If you are not confident about your ability or want the job done well you can call in professional gardeners to help get the project started. Malone’s Landscape comes highly recommended and can give you the advice needed to execute your dream. They’ll do all the hard work and you can enjoy your garden without it becoming drudgery.


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