6 Ways to Take Your Garden from Burden to Paradise


6 Ways to Take Your Garden from Burden to Paradise

With the summer upon us and the threat of further stay-at-home orders, there’s been no better time to take your garden from burden to paradise.

Whether you’re looking to sell or just get a whole lot more use out of your backyard, we have a few great ways to transform your home’s outdoor spaces below. For those looking to create the ultimate at-home retreat for themselves, the kids, or dinner guests, you’ll want to continue reading.

All of our great tips are affordable, don’t take a whole lot of effort, and are going to totally transform your backyard for the better.

Take a look.

1. Change How You Use the Garden

Our first tip here is to rethink how you’re going to use your backyard or garden.

There’s a good chance that right now, you’re not using it too much at all and it’s simply an overgrown (or at least untidy) mess that you don’t set foot in all too often. If this sounds like you, take a seat and mull over a few different ways of using your garden, and go from there.

Doing this will help with the rest of our tips too.

For example, think about whether you’d like your garden and backyard spaces to be the ultimate at-home office space, or whether you would be happier with it being an outdoor dinner oasis.

Those few points in mind, you’ll be on the right track to taking your garden from a burden to paradise.

2. Consider Hosting Parties

The second tip we have for you is to work on creating a space that is ideal for parties.

You don’t need to throw an all-out rager here, though an elegant dinner party for a few friends and family members is a great idea. If you’re doing this prior to updating your backyard or garden, then you’ll have a great motivator to get things moving.

You’ll want to work on a few things here from; seating, pathways, landscaping, plants, and more.

With these changes implemented, your garden will be tidier from the outset and also be more versatile when it comes to using it for more than just hosting parties.

3. Work on Refurnishing

For our readers who already have furniture in their garden, it’s time to switch things up a little bit.

Our third tip is to work on developing an outdoor space that creates a positive environment through the furniture you’re using. Think about whether you’d like a lazy, relaxing outdoor space, something more formal, or a space to work from, with your laptop.

Use these points to help you invest in new furniture like an outdoor daybed for the relaxing and calm space, or take a look at outdoor tables and ergonomic seating if you’re more interested in curating an at-home workplace while COVID-19 continues to dictate our lives.

4. Refresh Your Garden Beds

Another tip from us is about maintenance.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, a garden that’s tired and overgrown is a burden in that it’s hard to keep your plants happy and it is a pain to look at.

That in mind — refresh your garden beds and start from scratch!

The easiest way to do this is just by pulling everything out and starting over. Unless you have some plants, herbs, or flowers you really want to keep, this tip shouldn’t be too burdensome.

Once you’ve cleared out all of your garden beds and planter boxes, consider drawing up a plan for how you’d like your new plants to grow and whether you want to incorporate a few trees, bushes, or hedges here and there.

Keep in mind that nothing good happens in the garden without a plan, and so consider drawing up a landscaping plan and get going from there.

5. Set Up a New Outdoor Space

For our readers with quite large backyards, this tip is the one for you.

If you’ve noticed that your garden isn’t growing how you’d like it to, or if you simply don’t want to be pestered when it comes to taking care of plants — then work on building out a deck and install a backyard setting.

You can move your plants from garden beds into large pots and planter boxes here so you’re not losing any of that greenery, though you’ll also be giving your garden a tonne more usability with the deck.

On the deck, you can easily incorporate an outdoor table, sofas and seating, a hammock as well as rugs and other decor items that spruce up the backyard and the garden.

6. Install Practical Appliances and Fixtures

Getting more use out of your garden is likely on your mind this year too, and so a practicality-focused upgrade might be on the cards.

With this in mind, we suggest installing things such as outdoor showers and pathways leading to these showers to keep messes in the outdoors, rather than in your mudroom or the foyer of the house.

These are particularly great ideas if you have a pool or children who tend to come home from outdoor adventures a little too dirty for your liking.

With an outdoor shower, there’s a space to wash off but also an effortless way to keep your garden beds and planters nice and moist without having to water each day — the regular use of shower will take care of it for you.


With all of those points in mind, you can see there are a myriad of different ways to spruce up your garden and take it from a burden to paradise.

Our biggest tip here is to understand why your garden is more of a burden than your ideal paradise and working on a plan that gets you the most use out of it. We all have different requirements when it comes to our lifestyles and our backyards and so kicking things off with a plan is a great idea.

Ask yourself whether you’d like an entertaining space, and outdoor hosting space, or an ultra-dense, plant-filled garden and make your changes with this goal in mind.

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