7 Important Facts about Olive Gardening


7 Important Facts about Olive Gardening

7 Important Facts about Olive Gardening7 Important Facts about Olive Gardening

Importance of olive in maintaining a healthy body and mind has been well documented. Olive oil, in fact, has many medicinal properties and has been extensively used by researchers and the common folk, alike. The olive tree normally can grow up to 50 ft but with regular pruning, it can be maintained up to 20ft. The fragrance of olive flowers is unmistaken and it lends a distinct aroma to the whole garden. Olive gardening has been practiced for ages. Importance of olive extracts and oil are well documented in our scriptures.

Though olive trees can sustain inclement weather and strong winds still there are certain precautions which are required to be taken up so that yield is more and fruits are of good quality. Some of the important points about olive gardening are summed below:-

  • Olive trees require little water and nutrients for growing up. Soils with nitrogen fertilizers are good for their growth. In addition, soil has to be sandy with proper drainage. In soils where water gets stagnated, olive trees can not grow.
  • The greyish silver foliage of olive trees lends a characteristically unique touch to the garden.
  • Since olive trees grow in a subtropical climate with mild winters, they can easily sustain dry spells.
  • Olive varies in their look and has different style and shapes based on where they are grown.
  • Normally an olive seedling takes 8 years before it starts bearing fruit. Fruits can be plucked off in October. The processing of fruits has to take place immediately or else fermentation sets in.
  • Olive trees which have been vegetatively grafted or propagated are the best as far as the quality of fruit and its extract is concerned. An olive tree grown from seed will result in wild varieties with smaller fruits.
  • Although olive trees are least affected by insects and other germs care needs to be taken so that they are not affected by diseases and insects.

The importance of olive oil and its extracts have been understood by even our forefathers. Civilizations in Mediterranean countries have many artifacts which depicts the importance of olive trees in the olden periods. The aroma, fragrance, and color of oil vary depending upon the quality of olive oil. The best variety of olive oil is colorless. It is believed that when the body of a newborn is massaged with olive oil it strengthens the bones and makes the body supple and stronger. Enjoy your Olive Garden.

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