A Few Outdoor Garden Party Ideas


A Few Outdoor Garden Party Ideas

A Few Garden Party Ideas

Before you throw your next backyard bash, you’ll want some great garden party ideas to get your planning started. Garden parties aren’t just high society folks sitting around enjoying a fancy tea party in a flower garden that’s beautiful and perfectly grown.

Garden parties can be anything you want them to be, although there are a few things that lend themselves better to an outdoor party. There are so many great ways to enjoy your backyard that you might want to plan a garden party just to try them out!

Let’s start with the invitations. Unless you’re throwing a backyard bash for a holiday like the 4th of July, you’ll want something that shows your guests that the party will be outdoors. There are plenty of pool-themed invitations if you’re having a pool party, or choose flowers instead if you’re just serving a meal outdoors. You may also choose outdoor garden decoration ideas that evoke grilled food if you plan to have a cookout.

Since outdoor decoration usually takes care of itself with outdoor parties, the next priority on your list of garden party ideas should be drinking. Since most backyard bashes take place during the summer months, most people enjoy frosty or icy beverages. Mix up a fruity punch everyone will enjoy and serve it in a punch bowl to give your party a little bit of character.

You’ll also want to fill up a large ice chest with ice cubes, soda, bottled water, and beer for the non-punch-drinking crowd. Iced tea also makes a great backyard beverage, and you can serve it right out of the pitcher you make it in.garden party

Another important part of our garden party ideas list is food. The key is to think of seasonal.

Fresh fruits make a great appetizer and side dish, especially if you grew them in your background. Watermelon and strawberries are two very popular fruits, and most people love to nibble on them while they enjoy the great outdoors. A fresh vegetable tray is also perfect, but don’t forget the ranch dip on the side! Another great appetizer is deviled eggs. They’re light finger foods that are easily portable. Guests especially love foods that are light on the stomach if they’re lounging in the pool or playing sports in your yard.

Plan to grill out for the main course. Although steaks are quite expensive to buy for garden parties, people love the usual grill fare like burgers, hot dogs, and brats. You can even grill corn on the cob or baked potatoes to give your affair a memorable flair.

It’s also important to have entertainment planned for your guests. Great garden party ideas for entertainment include pool games and outdoor games of all kinds. Croquet, badminton, and basketball (if you have a hoop) are all great ways for your guests to enjoy themselves in your backyard.  If it’s a 4th of July party, you might even plan to have some fireworks, although you should check the laws about them in your state before you do this.

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