About Mosaic Patio Furniture


About Mosaic Patio Furniture

About Mosaic Patio FurnitureAbout Mosaic Patio Furniture

Mosaic patio furniture will have a metal framing of some sort to make the base of the furniture. Wrought and cast iron are beautiful in its own right, especially when mosaic garden furnitureexpertly designed and crafted. The tabletop is then decorated with a mosaic pattern and grouted with industrial adhesives to ensure the mosaic pattern will stay in place and not crack. High-end mosaic patio furniture will use pieces of slate, marble, and travertine to complete the intricate design of the tabletop itself.

Chairs and other patio furniture can also have mosaic accents, especially in the top of the backrest area. The accent pieces are created using a mosaic panel and will generally have more white space then what you would see in the mosaic pattern of a circular table. The framing is once again constructed out of a metal and can be powder finished and polished to prevent oxidation.

Maintenance of your mosaic patio furniture is fairly straightforward. You can wash both the mosaic and metal surfaces with soap and water to remove dirt and dust. Avoid cleaning chemicals on the mosaic portions of your furniture as these may deteriorate the protective coating over the pattern. Regardless of the quality of your new garden patio furniture, you may see some cracking of the grout as the furniture ages. Rust flecks and chips may also appear over the years but can simply be sanded off and sealed with rustproof paint.

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