Air Layering Technique Plant


Plant Air Layering Technique

Air Layering Technique Plants that have grown out of bounds or become leggy and ungainly can be re-shaped and new plants can be propagated by air layering the ends of the shoots. In air layering, instead of cutting off the stem, it is notched and left on the stem.  When done properly, roots will form on the notched stem and a new plant will be ready to be re-potted in a very short amount of time.

This will do no damage to the original plant and often helps the plant become more vigorous because it helps shape the plant into a more pleasing shape by removing leggy stems and branches.

If you’re not familiar with the technique of air layering, watch this video on YouTube for an excellent explanation of the air layering technique.

Between now and the end of next month ”July” is the ideal time to take softwood stem cuttings of shrubs and plants. Cuttings taken at this time of the year will root easily. The stems can be over-wintered in a cold frame or frost-free area and re-potted in the spring. Check the February calendar for instructions on how to take softwood cuttings. Herbs can also be propagated by cuttings this month. Late July is the time to take Geranium cuttings.

The cuttings you make now will bloom indoors during the winter months.  You will also be able to set these plants into the garden next spring. Be sure to keep them in a sunny window. If you live in the North, you may have to supplement the sunlight with extra lighting to encourage the geraniums to bloom. Sow seed of lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, radishes, and salad greens for fall harvest. Start seeds about 3 months before the first frost.

These seeds can be started either indoors or in a sheltered spot outdoors. Miscellaneous Container Gardening Tasks Here is a list of a few odds and ends that might be applicable to your container garden: This is the month to prune apple trees or other fruit trees grown in containers. Remove any crossing or overcrowded branches. Keep on an open framework and give each branch room to grow unimpeded.

Wisteria and honeysuckle also benefit from pruning at this time. Regular pruning keeps your trees and vines looking their best and producing an abundant display of fruit and flowers. If you haven’t done it, order your fall flowering bulbs of colchicum, autumn crocus, cyclamen now. These bulbs give your container gardens a bright lift in the fall and extend your gardening pleasure late into the season.

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