All in One Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit – Exotic Mushroom

All in One Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit - Exotic Mushroom
All in One Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit - Exotic Mushroom

All in One Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit – Exotic Mushroom

All in One Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit - Exotic MushroomAll in One Indoor Mushroom Growing Kit – Exotic Mushroom

Specialty Trio Mushroom Growing Kit Bundle – All in One Indoor Mushroom Grow Kit – NOW WORKS IN A 3-PACK! GROW your GOURMET MUSHROOMS IN LESS THAN 14 DAYS

Mushroom Growing Kit Bundle that is famous kit is available in a Specialty Trio Edition 3-pack with this famous Pink, Brown and White Oyster Mushrooms!

The Forest Origins Mushroom Growing Kit Bundle is the method that is easiest to grow your edible mushrooms at home! This mushroom kit comes with anything you need to grow the mushroom right regarding the box. All you have to to do is water them and you’ll be harvesting mushroom that is delicious no time and energy to cook into soups, pizzas or omelets.

Mushroom Growing Kit Bundle are backed by our 100% guaranteed to grow pledge: if your mushroom grows kit does not grow as described, contact us and we shall replace it free from charge!


provides you with everything you need to grow your own mushrooms that are organic your house


Learn how to develop your very gourmet that is own in your kitchen.


Unopened, our mushroom kit persists for months. This is the reason it makes it a gift that is great family, friend gift, son or daughter gift, educational present or technology gift. You will definitely be gifting them with an experience that is wonderful


Each of Forest Origins products is made and normal in the United States.


Growing guarantee with Mushroom Growing Kit Bundle farm … you will grow or they provide you with a reimbursement that is full. For this reason, it helps it be an introduction that is ideal for novices.


?Three soil that is plant-based with Pink, Brown and White Oyster Mushroom Spawn

Three Spray Misters

100% assured to cultivate Pledge: All of Forest Origins Indoor Mushroom Kits are backed by our 100% to grow guarantee. This implies that if your mushroom kit doesn’t develop as described, we will change it free of cost.


Simple to Grow

Our mushroom kit comes with everything you need to start a premium that is growing in your house. Add water and watch them develop!

Can grow up twice

You can get several harvests out of the mushroom kit in the event that you follow our simple video guide!

Perfect Gift

If unopened, the mushroom can last months in the box. This makes it the gift that is perfect family and friends who do like to grow their particular gourmet mushrooms.

Science Project

Our mushroom kits make great science tasks for kids. Our mushroom kits make science fun!

Review on Mushroom Growing Kit

Very easy to use, the pink and the brown grew like crazy, the white was a dud, absolutely nothing happened. Contacted them via email in addition they were very helpful. Followed up with all the white the one that didn’t grow, and that it never germinated, they shipped me out a brand new one once I gave them an update. Very helpful!!!! And managed to create a mushroom that is fantastic out of the brown oysters!!

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