Are You a Gardener or Yardner?


Are You a Gardener or Yardner?Are You a Gardener or Yardner?

I was recently at a conference and listened to Allan Armitage talks about gardening as a four-letter word. For those who do not recognize this name, Allan is a well-known gardening author and entertaining horticulturist. Allan divided gardeners into four categories:

Category 1: Master Gardeners

Master gardeners are highly motivated about their gardening exploits and those of others. These folks have taken the time to attend organized classes, earn their Master Gardener status, and provide volunteer efforts to improve their communities. Master Gardeners are also highly influential and assist the Mississippi State University Extension Service by providing help in the counties and making presentations to interested groups.

Category 2: Enthusiastic Gardeners

As the name suggests, these gardeners are excited about their garden. They are confident of being in the garden. Enthusiastic gardeners find the garden to be relaxing because they are successful in gardening pursuits and do not worry about the failures.

Category 3: Enjoyable Gardeners

These gardeners enjoy their garden but are unsure. They find the garden to be a stressful environment and worry about every planting decision. The garden enjoyment is tempered with the anxiety that planting/growing directions are not exactly followed.

Category 4: Just Because You Have To Gardeners

This group looks at the garden as being work. These people are not gardeners, but Gardners. The lawn has to be cut, the garden beds have to weed, and flowers have to be planted. There is no joy in these gardens, just work.

So under which category do you fall? Which category do you want to be in?

In a perfect world:

  1. We want the gardening public to enjoy their gardens, understanding that there is work involved. Consider this work as sweat equity.
  2. Do not worry following directions perfectly. There are many different paths to follow when planting the garden that ends up at the same place.
  3. Do not get discouraged if a planting fails. It happens. Look at this situation as an opportunity to plant something new.
  4. Gardening is not rocket science. Try new plants and designs. Moreover, most importantly, relax and have fun with your garden.

source: Written by Dr. Gary R. Bachman, Assistant Extension Professor of Horticulture, Coastal Research & Extension Center.

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