Landscaping With Artificial Turf: Installation, Costs, And Maintenance


Landscaping With Artificial Turf: Installation, Costs, And Maintenance

Landscaping With Artificial Turf Installation, Costs, And Maintenance

Imagine a backyard that always looks immaculate, a front lawn that requires minimal upkeep, and a landscape that remains lush and vibrant through every season. The answer to achieving this landscaping nirvana? Artificial turf.

Suppose you’re tired of spending endless hours mowing, watering, and battling with brown patches. In that case, artificial turf might be the game-changer you’ve been seeking. In this article, we’ll delve into landscaping with artificial turf, exploring its benefits, installation costs, maintenance tips, and creative landscaping ideas that can transform your outdoor space.

Unveiling The Benefits Of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf isn’t just a trend—it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Say goodbye to weekend-long yard work and hello to more leisure time. The benefits are truly remarkable:

  • A perpetually vibrant lawn
  • Significant water savings
  • An end to the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers

And the best part? It’s a canvas for your landscaping dreams.

Landscaping Ideas To Ignite Your Creativity

Artificial turf offers a canvas to craft the outdoor haven you’ve always envisioned. Create a cozy lounge area, a putting green for your golf-loving heart, or a safe and clean play space for your pets and children.

How about fixing it in a rooftop garden, a chic balcony escape, or a modern front yard to elevate your home’s curb appeal? The possibilities are boundless, and the results are consistently stunning.

Artificial turf provides a versatile canvas for turning your landscaping dreams into reality. Whether you envision a tranquil escape, an entertainment hub, or a space for family bonding, your artificial landscape can accommodate it all.

But before we delve into these inspiring ideas, let’s first explore the essential factors regarding installation costs.

Exploring Installation Costs And Considerations

The cost of installing artificial turf can vary based on several factors that are specific to your property and preferences. Here are some key considerations that can influence the overall expense:

  • Area Size And Shape

The most recent price estimates of artificial turf are between USD$5.50 and USD$18.75 per square foot. A 500-square-foot lawn can range from USD$3,104 to USD$7,245. A bigger yard naturally costs more, requiring more labor and materials.

The shape of the area where you want to place the artificial turf is also a factor. Straight lines and right angles make cutting the turf easier, but round or odd-shaped edges may require more effort.

  • Turf Quality

Artificial turf has various qualities and types, so they may vary in price. There are three types of synthetic turf based on materials used: polypropylene, polyethylene, and nylon. Each comes with its pros and cons. Blade types can also impact the price.

Polypropylene—which costs from USD$2 to USD$7 per square foot—is, by far, the cheapest and works well for indoor landscaping projects or shady outdoor areas with light foot traffic.

If you want a natural-looking turf, you can opt for polyethylene. This type costs about USD$3–USD$4 per square foot. It has good drainage and works well for homeowners with pets.

However, if you’re landscaping a part of your home or property that has high foot traffic or if you’re in a place with a hot climate, nylon is your best bet. It costs USD$5–USD$6 per square foot, and its quality makes it ideal for building putting greens in your backyard.

Apart from the artificial turf material, it would help if you considered blade shape. They can come in several forms—C, M, S, U, V, and W—with distinct features and appeal. W-shaped grass blades stand out since they’re natural-looking, longer-lasting, durable, and heat-resistant.

Higher-quality turf might seem expensive upfront, but it often delivers better durability and a more realistic appearance.

  • Prep Work 

Before installing the turf, you must properly prepare your lawn or any other location. This involves removing existing grass, leveling the ground, and ensuring proper drainage. The extent of preparation can affect costs.

  • Labor Costs

Labor changes can also vary based on the project’s complexity and local labor rates. If family members can help with your landscaping project, a DIY approach can save you money.

However, suppose you desire a polished and longer-lasting installation. In that case, you can contact artificial turf installation professionals such as Vanta Outdoors or ask friends to recommend a reputable supplier.

Professional installers will give you an estimate that includes labor and materials for your intended landscaping project. Artificial turf suppliers will provide several options to choose the suitable artificial turf for your taste and budget.

  • Additional Features

Apart from installing artificial turf, you may also want to include other landscaping features, such as intricate designs and patterns, or add pathways. It’s also helpful to consider if you plan on adding complementing structures to elevate your artificial turf landscape.

Think enchanting gazebos, cozy firepits, and refreshing pools. These captivating elements blend well with your planned installation. Still, they will undoubtedly contribute to the overall cost of your landscaping project.

While the upfront costs of artificial turf installation can be significant, viewing it as an investment rather than an expense is essential. Synthetic turf has many benefits over natural grass, including minimal upkeep, longevity, water savings, and enhanced curb appeal. All you need is to compare quotes from reputable installers and suppliers so you can set a budget.

From Costs To Creation: A Step-By-Step Installation Guide

Now that you know the factors that influence the installation costs, let’s transition from considering the investment to turning your dream into a reality. The installation process is a journey that transforms your outdoor space into a captivating haven.

Your artificial turf landscape will flourish for years with careful planning and attention to detail. Whether you opt for a DIY approach or have professionals do it for you, artificial turf installation requires these key steps:

  1. Preparing The Area: Clear the area from debris, rock, and vegetation. Level the ground to ensure a smooth surface. A slight slope is recommended for proper drainage. This initial step is the most tedious and essential since it will determine the success and longevity of your project.
  2. Laying A Base: Install a weed barrier fabric to prevent unwanted growth. Add a layer of crushed stone and compact it to create a stable foundation.
  3. Installing Edging: Place edging around the perimeter to secure the turf and prevent it from shifting over time. A plastic bender board works fine, or you can opt for a concrete curb for a more durable edging.
  4. Turf Placement: Roll out the artificial turf over the prepared area. Ensure the grain of the blades faces the same direction for a consistent look.
  5. Trimming And Fitting: Trim the edges of the turf based on your desired width and length. Use a utility knife for precise cuts.
  6. Securing The Turf: Nail or staple the edges of the turf to the edging, keeping it taut and in place.
  7. Adding Infill: Spread silica sand or crumbled rubber over the turf to provide support and stability. This also gives a natural feel underfoot.
  8. Brushing: Use a stiff brush or power broom to stand the blades upright and distribute the infill evenly.

Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Artificial Landscape

Maintaining The Beauty Of Your Artificial Landscape

Now that you’ve installed your artificial landscape, you’ll need to keep it so it looks lush and vibrant from day one. Don’t fret, since artificial turf requires minimal upkeep and less backbreaking work.

Maintaining artificial turf is a breeze compared to natural grass. There’s no need for weeding since you only need to apply weed killer at least twice a year to ensure airborne seeds won’t lead to unwanted growth. You can also keep your lawn mower in the shed, as removing leaves and other debris requires a simple rake or leaf blower.

In case of spills, swift action is your ally. Dab the area dry and hose it down with mild soap and water. This works well for stains, too, though you might need to give it a minute or more before rinsing it with water.

Dip a toothbrush in 3% ammonia solution for tougher stains, or use mineral spirits. For sticky substances like tree sap or bubble gum, freeze it with dry ice and then scrape it off.

For homeowners with pets, you can keep your artificial turf clean by hosing down urine with cool water. For solid pet waste, wait for it to dry before removing it. Some may even opt for pet waste cleaning products to keep their artificial landscape odor-free.

Dealing with ice and snow on your artificial turf is quick and easy. Allow the ice to melt, and it will drain from your turf. For heavy snow, you’ll need to remove it so you won’t damage the blades carefully. Keep a thin layer of snow and use a rake to remove it.

When there’s no threat of extreme weather, cross-brushing against the grain can keep your turf as good as new. In addition, keep liquids, chemicals, fireworks, mirrors, and heat sources far away from your artificial turf. This will prevent damage and allow you to enjoy your landscape for years.

Elevate Your Landscape: Embrace The Beauty Of Artificial Turf

The journey of transforming your outdoor space begins with envisioning your dream landscape, understanding installation costs, and maintaining the allure of artificial turf. It’s a new way of building a picturesque outdoor haven and a step toward an elegant lifestyle.

Remember that the upfront costs of an artificial landscape depend on the area’s size and shape, turf quality, prep work, labor costs, and additional features you plan to install. It would be best to consider it an investment that promises lasting rewards. Understanding the installation process and a commitment to regular maintenance can give you the unparalleled beauty of an evergreen green lawn that you can enjoy for many years.

So elevate your landscape, seize the benefits, and let the magic of artificial turf redefine your landscaping experience.

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