Automatically water houseplants – Indoor Drip Irrigation Kit


Automatically water houseplants – Indoor Drip Irrigation Kit

Automatically water houseplants - Indoor Drip Irrigation KitAutomatically water houseplants – Indoor Drip Irrigation Kit

Dreaming of fun in the sun but wonder how your indoor houseplants will survive while you’re away? Automatic watering devices are your ticket to peace of mind. Whether you have just a few plants or many, there’s a self-waterer to suit your needs. For instance, the Oasis water reservoir (shown above) runs on a nine-volt battery, offers four different irrigation programs (for 10, 20, 30 or 40 days) and handles up to 20 pots.

The cone is inserted into the soil, while water is siphoned through a thin hose as needed from an external water supply. Just fill with water and place in the soil to keep your plants watered.

So :

  • Why does one need an automatic Indoor Drip Irrigation Kit?
  • Do you often forget to require care of plants due to work?
  • Are you unable to require care of the plants because you’re on vacation?
  • An automatic watering system! cause you to more free and more convenient!

What is the utilization of an automatic watering system?

1- More water-saving: After professional testing, the automated watering system saves 50% of water compared to the spray watering method, saving money!

2- More convenient: a spread of watering time and watering cycle settings, simple to line up, are often operated after setting. With a memory system, there’s no got to reset after replacing the battery or disconnecting the USB. Battery and USB operation

3- More plants: can support 10-15 plants potted water system, freely assemble water system pipelines, build water system network

4- feeling free: assist you to finish watering a day, solve the troubles of caring for plants, allow you to feel more comfortable to figure, and luxuriate in the holidays!

How to use the automatic watering system?

1- Install the water system pipe and drip tip of the automated watering system consistent with your needs.

2- Set the watering cycle and watering time

3- Insert the dripping tip into the plant, connect the water source, and use it after startup.

(Installation and usage instructions can ask the instruction manual)

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