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Bamboo Plants Are The Lucky Plants

Bamboo Plants Are The Lucky Plants

Bamboo Plants Are The Lucky Plants
Bamboo Plants Are The Lucky Plants

Bamboo plants are widely available these days. You can buy them at the nursery and at the drugstore. They are often referred to as the lucky plant, a bringer of good fortune.

There are a number of uses for bamboo plants. They can be used to create furniture and to grow in your backyard, alongside your shrubs and miniature fruit trees.

Bamboo plants can grow to great heights and a series of bamboo plants can help with your privacy in your backyard. You may have a low lying area of the backyard and everything you do in your backyard is visible to everyone in the neighborhood. By placing a series of bamboo plants around the yard, will help maintain your privacy.

Fairly Rare And Exotic

Once upon a time, bamboo was considered to be fairly rare and exotic. Although there are some places where it grows wild in the United States, it generally isn’t native to here.

Finding a stand of wild bamboo plants was considered lucky – an unlikely occurrence meant to bring good fortune. Times have changed. Bamboo floors, blinds, and other wood products are more popular than they have ever been.

Bamboo Are Technically Grass

Bamboo Plants Are The Lucky Plants
Bamboo Plants Are The Lucky Plants

Although they are technically a grass and not wood, bamboo plants have the strength and durability of wood, as well as the beautiful appearance.

Bamboo lucky plants are now sold in drugstores, as well as alongside nurseries and hardware stores. It is amazing how many places you can find a bamboo plant for sale.

Often, you’ll see them on the counter in whole stores that don’t specialize in that sort of thing. This isn’t so much because they are lucky, as because they are absolutely adorable. They are easily shaped into a variety of novel positions, are easy to take care of, and fit very well into a small display pot.

Can Keep To Any Suitable Size

One of the neat things about bamboo plants is that you can get them and basically any size you want. Bamboo plants can get quite tall, but if you keep it in captivity and take care of them properly, you can keep them at just about any suitable sizes.

You can use ribbons, string, or wires to shape the plant as it grows, and I have seen many novel geometrical forms made out of this beautiful and versatile plant.

Best Gift For The Desperate

Bamboo plants are also one of the best gifts for the desperate. If you have to get someone something and don’t want to buy another calendar, a bamboo plant may be just the thing. After all, it is something that is somewhat novel, yet still generic.

You can give it to someone whose tastes you don’t know very well, and they will be as likely as not to appreciate it. Is the kind of gift that people get on the way to birthday parties all the time. Just be sure not to use it too often – people catch on.

Alternative To Shrubs

Bamboo Plants Are The Lucky Plants
Bamboo Plants Are The Lucky Plants

Of course, bamboo stands have a number of uses, even if you aren’t a carpenter or a believer in luck. They make an excellent barrier and are an interesting alternative to the shrubs that are so common nowadays. They give you privacy, while at the same time giving your garden or lawn a novel, unique feel.

You may have a big yard, and you need some privacy, a series of bamboo plants growing along the fence is ideal. As the plants can grow tall, they will pass fence height, so you can have as much privacy as you need.

Another use is to create your own bamboo furniture. As bamboo has the strength and durability of wood, you can create tables, chairs, beds and other furniture for your family home.

These are some of the common uses of bamboo plants.

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