Top Benefits Of Having Indoor Plants In Your Office


Top Benefits Of Having Indoor Plants In Your Office

Top Benefits Of Having Indoor Plants In Your Office

One of the best ways to brighten up your workplace is by having indoor plants. They make a beautiful addition to the interior of your office. Aside from the fact that they are easy on the eyes, having them inside the office also allows you to enjoy nature.

If your work demands that you spend most of the day at the office, then you should consider having indoor plants. Here are some of the top benefits of having these plants in your office.

Visual Benefits

Plants can be used solely for aesthetic purposes, creating a workspace closer to nature. Instead of a lifeless space, you will be working in an area surrounded by greenery. The best thing is that you can find them in various shades of green and in all shapes and sizes. You should definitely do some research to see what options suit your space and your style as well.

Air Purifiers

Plants purify the air we breathe by taking in all the carbon dioxide and giving out oxygen. Having a variety of plants inside can reduce carbon dioxide levels by 10% in offices with air conditioning and almost 25% in offices without air conditioning units. This just proves that plants help clean the air in the building.

Reduce Noise Levels

Not many of us know this, but plants have the ability to absorb sound. In an office, placing multiple large indoor plants will reduce office chatter and distractions in general. You can position large potted plants in the corners of a room for this purpose.

Weeping Fit, Snake Plant, and Anita Dragon Tree are some tall plants that can help reduce background noise. Placing large plants strategically around the office creates more privacy and forces people to focus rather than distract one another. 

Reduce Stress

Work-related stress is quite unavoidable, even if you really like your job. Indoor plants are known to reduce stress levels in employees. Various psychological studies show a 37% reduction in anxiety, a 44% reduction in hostility, and a 40% reduction in chronic fatigue. Research also indicates that office plants result in a 58% reduction in depression.

Green Represents Tranquility

Did you know that patients in rooms with greenery need less medication than the ones without it? That is how effective plants can be in terms of your state of mind. We as humans are attracted to nature, and it brings us the tranquility we generally lack. Green is associated with giving a soothing and calming effect.

The environmentalists at Frenchams recommend green walls for your offices. These beautiful green walls help increase all the benefits of indoor plants tenfold. Plants like Desert Gem, Blue Barrel Cactus, and Pincushion Cactus have that soothing green that appeals to the eyes.

Increase Attention Capacity

Office plants can help replenish the attention capacity of the employees. In the workplace, there are so many distractions born out of various stimuli. The plants give intriguing stimuli that help us focus more instead of being distracted.

Increase Productivity

As plants reduce stress and increase your ability to be attentive, they will automatically increase the employee’s overall productivity. There are still offices that do not focus on the physical environment as they do not realize its effect on our productivity levels.

Any kind of décor in the office increases productivity by 15% because a decorated office is engaging for the employees. Indoor plants give a sense of calm in the office and the employees will be able to achieve a better and greater output and help them stay focused.


Get Stylish Office Plants With Stylish Containers

You get creative blocks once in a while, and you may get stuck on the same idea for too long, or maybe even run out of ideas altogether. Indoor plants usually have great colors and give off stimulating odors. This combination has an amazingly positive and healing effect on your creativity.

The greenery will stimulate your senses. This will help the flow of ideas come quickly to kick your creative block to the curb. Furthermore, you can stimulate your creativity by having your favorite flowers in the office and smelling them once in a while. You can consider Cypress Vine, Chamaedore Elegans, or Hens and Chicks, which not only smell lovely but are also quite eye-catching.

Reduce the Use Of Energy

Placing greenery in the workplace helps increase humidity levels. This decreases the temperature of the building by almost 10oC. Putting one healthy tree in a building will result in a cooler temperature as if 20 air conditioners are running for more than 20 hours per day. You can do this by installing larger trees where you have space, and utilizing this eco-friendly way to lower your energy usage.

Improves Health

Indoor greenery will help filter various toxins from the building. Places with poor ventilation put the employees at risk of developing sick building syndrome because of the poor air quality. The symptoms of this disease include flu-like symptoms, nausea, headache, and difficulty in concentration. Plants do not fix this problem, but they play a great role in relieving the burden.

If combined with a clean environment with great ventilation, they certainly help the indoor environment. The plants freshen up the space, purify the air, and minimize various toxins. This helps in improving the employees’ health and reduces absenteeism due to sick days. The known air purifiers that make the environment a little better for you are Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lilies, and Spider Plants.


Biophilia is a concept that humanity has an innate need to be close to nature, a term coined by a biologist named E. O. Wilson. He said that there is a natural tendency in humans to affiliate themselves with other life forms and nature, which is why plants have various benefits to humans.

All the psychological advantages it presents are due to biophilia. You have a natural need to have greenery around you. It is the reason it makes you feel calm and brings you inner peace. Consider the natural décor of your office and add lots of plants to your workspace.

Indoor plants will not only freshen up your environment in the office, but also help you remain calm, focused, and stress-free. You can contact environmentalists about any recommendations for the kinds of office plants that are suitable for workspaces.

Additionally, you can create a common room for your employees that gives a hint of the outdoors or put up medium-sized trees on the edges and corners. Either way, you will be able to brighten up your office and reap all the benefits of having indoor plants.

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