Benefits of Installing an Automated Irrigation System


Benefits of Installing an Automated Irrigation System

Benefits of Installing an Automated Irrigation System

If you think that irrigation systems are just for golf courses or expensive mansions, you will be excited to know that they are more affordable than imagined. In fact, installing an irrigation system to water your lawn and gardens automatically can save you money on wasted water costs.

Along with saving money, an irrigation system can save you valuable time. No one wants to spend hours of their precious free time standing on the lawn with a hose trying to get an even covering of water. An irrigation system can give you more time with your family and friends and less time keeping your lawn looking and feeling great.

If you are considering adding an irrigation system, you should get advice from an expert and talk to your insurance broker about how a new system will affect your home insurance quotes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of installing an automated irrigation system.

1. Environmentally Friendly

There is a misconception that an irrigation system can be wasteful, when in fact, your system can actually help you to save on your water usage. Modern sprinkler systems use several innovative technologies to regulate the amount of water used, including timers, moisture sensors, and gauges. These features make sure that you aren’t overwatering your lawn and wasting valuable resources.

Along with water usage savings, an irrigation system can help the environment in a number of other ways. When your lawn is properly maintained and healthy, it helps absorb pollutants in the air and release valuable oxygen into the environment. A well-watered lawn encourages strong root growth, helping to eliminate erosion in the soil.

2. Savings

While many homeowners consider an automatic irrigation system to improve the look and feel of their lawns and gardens, they will also enjoy saving on their water bills. These innovative systems are calibrated to provide just the right amount of water to your landscaping without any unnecessary waste. This means that you will potentially save money on your water bills.

Your irrigation system is completely customizable so that you can manage your water usage according to when it is most necessary. Your system can be updated to reflect when you need the most water each season.

3. Home Value

One of the most popular features that potential home buyers are looking for is an automatic irrigation system. When you add a watering system to your property, you essentially improve both your curb appeal and your home’s value. Your irrigation system could produce an increased amount of offers when you decide to put your house on the market.

4. Aesthetics

Every homeowner wants to have a lawn that is the envy of all their neighbors. When your lawn has bald or brown spots with an uneven appearance, it can take away from the overall look of your landscaping and gardens. When you install an irrigation system, your technicians will map out the entire space making sure that your sprinkler heads are situated to evenly distribute water to all areas of your lawn. This will create a lush and fully nourished lawn in every corner.

Some homeowners may be concerned about the garish look that an irrigation system will add to their lawn. However, modern systems are mostly located below the surface with watering heads that only come up when in use, leaving your lawn looking spotless.

5. Convenience

After a busy week, no one wants to spend their precious weekend hours standing in the hot sun with a hose trying to water their lawn. When installing an irrigation system, you can save time and labour by programming exactly when you want to water your landscaping.

These time-saving systems are great for busy professionals and those who like to travel. You won’t have to rely on a neighbor to take care of watering your grass when you go on vacation with an automated irrigation system.

When installing an irrigation system, you will get a break from the hard labour it takes to keep your lawn looking great. If you have a large yard, watering chores can be exhausting and tough on your back. Seniors with mobility issues can benefit from simply programming their irrigation system to add water to their lawns when needed without any labour.

6. Reduce Weeds and Disease

 When you install an automatic irrigation system, it will help you to produce a thick and healthy lawn. Specifically, drip systems can give your lawn the nutrients that it needs without any water waste or overwatering any areas of your landscaping. When your lawn is healthy with a firm root system, there is limited room for weeds to grow.

A properly watered lawn will also reduce the occurrence of disease that is often a result of overwatering. When too much moisture is distributed unevenly on your lawn, it can produce wet environments that are prone to developing mold and disease.

7. Even Watering

When you attempt to water your lawn manually with a hose or a movable sprinkler, the odds are that you won’t be able to distribute moisture evenly. When you have an irrigation system, your watering periods are perfectly timed and positioned to hit every part of your lawn with the right amount of water.

Uneven watering can produce bald spots, areas with too much moisture, and an uneven-looking lawn. When your irrigation system is installed, specific measurements are taken so that your sprinkler nozzles are evenly placed for the best coverage. This means that your water spouts will be able to reach every area of your lawn for the perfect coverage.

8. Soil Preservation

The health of your soil will directly affect the quality of your lawn. Without the right soil maintenance through proper watering and fertilizing, your soil will not have the right balance and nutrients to sustain your landscaping. When you water your lawn by hand with a hose, you run the risk of overwatering. This can remove important soil through runoff, making your grass’s roots unstable.

When you overwater your lawn, you can also remove valuable nutrients that help feed your grass. Without the right nutrients to feed the roots, your grass can break down and die. Overwatering can also create compacted soil from the extra weight of moisture that can crush the roots of your grass and cause permanent damage.

Just as damaging as overwatering is your lawn not getting enough water. If you have mobility issues and find it hard to get out and water your lawn or have trouble finding time in your busy schedule for proper watering, you may end up with a lawn that is dried out and infertile. A lawn situated in soil that is too dry is susceptible to erosion.

9. Customizable Schedule

The best time to water your lawn is in the early hours, just before dawn. This helps to allow the water time to absorb into the soil before the sun’s heat starts to cause evaporation. Watering before dawn gives you the best absorption, which can minimize the amount of water that you need to use, saving you money on your water bills.

No one wants to get out on their front lawn before dawn to do their weekly watering chores. When you have an automatic irrigation system, your dawn watering can be done by simply programming it into your system. Your sprinklers will turn on just as the dawn is approaching and give your lawn the moisture that it needs without you having to get up extra early.

An irrigation system is a perfect solution for homeowners that want to have the perfect lawn with minimal labour and expense.


  1. I find it fascinating that you can use irrigation systems to keep your garden healthy and drought-free during the summer. I like how you explained that an irrigation system can help push your plants to flourish more. It may be a good idea for my grandma to invest in these by consulting a landscape design service in the future.

  2. It’s interesting to know that installing an irrigation system could help one in saving on water bills. My sister has been thinking of upgrading the landscape in her yard, so it’s great to come across this read. I should look for a business that could do irrigation system installation on my sister’s lawn soon.


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