Big Backyard For All The Trees And Gardens


Big Backyard For All The Trees And Gardens

Big Backyard For All The Trees And Gardens

The big backyard gives us the freedom to plant trees, and shrubs, maintain a big fruit and vegetable garden, and a playing area for children and family pets.

The trees give us fruit and a little shade in the hot summers, while the garden can give us fruit and vegetables for our meals and enrich the dinner table.

You may need a big backyard if you have a large family and want to accommodate all their needs.

The Big Backyard Of My Childhood

Big Backyard For All The Trees And Gardens 2

The best thing about a big backyard is that the smaller a person is the bigger it looks. I know that sounds a little silly, but when it comes to exploration, the biggest yards are the most fun for any child.

There are many things families do with their backyards, but there is a big difference between the yard I have now and the yard I had when I was a child, and what we can do in it.

I miss living where the boundaries of my backyard were creeks, shrubs, and trees instead of sidewalks and alleys.

I remember that there was one big backyard we had that seemed to stretch on for miles. This was not the case of course, but when I was small, it seemed to be the biggest expanse of green I had ever seen.

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Surrounded By Trees

The yard was surrounded by trees, and there was a creek running along one side of it. That might not sound like much, but to a child, that is very close to being heavenly. I always had something to do, and I didn’t have to go very far to feel like I was off on an adventure.

When I visited that big backyard years later, I was amazed at how small it actually was. I was not much bigger than the yard I have now, though back then it seemed to go on forever.

I guess that’s one of the great things about being a child, everything is new and everything is huge. Sometimes when I am outside with my daughter I forget that.

When we are in our backyard I try to remember what it was like to think the world was so big, and I don’t get too upset when she seems to venture to the edges of our big backyard.

Privacy And Trees

Big Backyard For All The Trees And Gardens

The difference between her big backyard and the one I grew up with was the privacy and the trees. We have a few trees, but they don’t inspire much imagination.

Though living where we do gives her access to some of the best schools in my state, I wish I could give her the big backyard, the trees, and the creek so that she might have some of the same memories that I did when I was a little girl.

Though I can’t open the back door of the house and offer her what I had, I do make sure I take her to see places just like that whenever we can.

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