Buyer’s Guide For Pruning Shears 2022

Buyer’s Guide For Pruning Shears

With so many different types of garden pruning shears, it is worth considering several factors before making your selection. Which model you choose depends on what you need the scissors for. Although some are ideal for cutting thick stems, others are best suited for sensitive trimming tasks. I’ve listed some criteria to help you choose the best product.

Quality of the Blades

The quality of the blades affects how well they cut your plants. Most are made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Both are effective, although carbon steel is praised for its strength. Stainless steel blades usually have a non-stick coating that prevents plant juice from sticking to the surface and compromises performance.

The blades should also be easy to sharpen, as they begin to wear out over time. You may need to grease the blades occasionally to prevent rust from forming (yes, even stainless steel blades). If possible, look for blades with a friction-free coating and shaped blades to allow precise cuts even on sensitive plants, such as soft herbs.


Durability is very important when it comes to garden shears, as they are one of the working horses in the garden. Sure, they may not be one of the most expensive things you buy for your garden, but over time, the need to replace cheaply manufactured models increases every few years.

Those prone to oxidation will not provide the durable use you need and expect. The harder the materials are, the more effective they will be used intensively season after season.

Ergonomic Design

As you can see, scissor handles come in a variety of sizes and contours. While some are curved and bulky, others are straighter and thinner. Find a style that you consider easier to use for the size of your hands (considering special versions for left-handed users or users with arthritis problems, if applicable).

Keep in mind that some scissors can stretch quite wide, so you want to make sure you can hold a firm grip without stretching your hand. Many types of garden shears have coated handles that reduce pressure on the hands and wrists, which in turn reduces all the pain and fatigue caused by a long day of pruning. They must also have shock-absorbing properties that help absorb shocks caused by harder cuts on thicker stems.

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Most loppers are equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidents. This safety lock holds the blades together when the scissors are not in use. This is a particularly important feature for spring-loaded scissors that run the risk of the blades opening unexpectedly.

You should check again if you click the mechanism in place to reduce the risk of the jaws opening. With scissors, it is possible to unlock this mechanism on its own, but always make sure you operate it safely.

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Manual Alignment

Although most pruners are right-handed, you can now find some models designed for left-handed users. Although they are increasingly popular, they are not yet offered by all brands, so you need to check them beforehand.


Weight will probably also affect the product you choose. Those on the heavier side will be harder to handle and make your hands tired sooner. Those with wrist problems or arthritis will benefit from investing in a light pair, as these clippers are much more comfortable to wear over a longer period of time.

On the other hand, some people may prefer heavier pruning shears with a more robust feeling of being able to cut the hardest stems of plants without fighting. Too light garden scissors can bend or break under tedious trimming tasks, or simply not last so long if you seriously prune year after year.


About many scissors are that they are designed to replace the blades instead of throwing away the entire tool when they start using them. This not only reduces waste but also saves you money by not regularly replacing your existing torque (which you’ve already broken and used to) with a new pair with a new one as the sharpness of the blades deteriorates.


Many brands now offer a guarantee with their clippers. If problems occur with the scissors or are not satisfied with their quality and functionality, you can return them within the specified time frame. The length of this policy may vary by brand. Some brands offer a one-year warranty, while others cover products throughout their lifetime.

It is also worth noting that some brands do not offer any warranties at all. So think if this will affect your decision. Please refer to product specifications for warranty conditions beforehand and how easy it is to request a repair or replacement.

Additional Features

Awesome, some scissors now serve more than one use as they integrate functions like a wire cutter into your designs. Simply place the cable in the notch and apply pressure and close the blades to cut the cable, all without the need for a separate tool when you only need it occasionally.

Other scissors have a juice slot that extracts juice from the blades. This prevents juice from sticking to the blades and reduces the need for intense cleaning at the end of pruning.

Pruning Shears Costs

For retail sale at different prices. That’s why I recommend you set a budget before you navigate the market to help you focus your search. While it is important to consider costs in your decision, you should also ensure that they are suitable for their intended use. Those who look surprisingly cheap may not offer the same quality as a couple a little more expensive.

Choose The Best Pruning Shears from this List

Image Product Price
Mueller Soft Grip Garden Pruning Shears9.6

Mueller Soft Grip Garden Pruning ShearsBest Choice

  • Enjoy precise cuts with these professional pruning shears recommended by both gardeners and the first time. Ideal for flower stems and plants and light branches, these sharp bypass scissors provide clean, precise cuts to minimize stress on plants and plants can heal faster. With a cutting diameter of 1.2 inches, the versatile pruner makes your daily gardening easier.
PriceRead our Review
Felco Pruning Shears (F 7)9.7

Felco Pruning Shears (F 7)Best Offer

  • Premium shears consist of forged aluminum handles and hardened steel blades. All secateurs can be replaced in this reliable model.
PriceRead Our Review
Gonicc 8" Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1002)9.6

Gonicc 8″ Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears (GPPS-1002)Amazon Choice

  • Forged body and handles, high-quality carbon steel blade with ultra-thin polishing technology. Ideal for dead trees, trimming, shaping trees, roses, annuals, vegetables, flower gardens, bonsai, and other plants


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