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Checklist for Your Yard This Spring

Checklist for Your Yard This Spring

Checklist for Your Yard This Spring
Checklist for Your Yard This Spring

As the colder weather turns warm again, it’s time to start preparing your yard for the spring. There are a lot of chores involved with your yard for the start of the warmer season, so it’s important that you make proper preparations and plan ahead to ensure you can get everything done. So here is a quick checklist of chores to do as the weather warms up so you can get your yard beautiful. If you can’t handle them all, hire some landscaping services to help you out.

Clean Your Gutters

Over the course of the winter, your gutters can get a thick layer of ice in them that will obstruct the flow of those spring rains. It can also cause some serious damage if too much ice is allowed to collect, as it can expand and cause the seams of your gutters to crack. This will lead to leaks and runoff from the spring rain.

As the weather starts to warm up, get up on a ladder and start inspecting the gutters on your home. Chisel away any icy buildup and check for any splits in the seams. You should also search for any places where the gutters are pulling away from the house. Get these issues fixed before the spring rains come so that you can avoid having puddling and runoff around your house.

Plan Your Plants

It’s a good idea to plan all of your landscaping ahead of time, so make sure to get the right plants in the ground at the right times. If you wait until the weather is completely warmed up, you may miss the prime planting times for certain plants.

So make sure that you know what plants you want to include in your landscaping and take the time to learn about the proper planting times for all of those plants. If you can get everything in the ground at the right time, your plants are more likely to be healthy and will bloom beautifully throughout their lifetime.

Aerate and Fertilize

Plants need oxygen and nutrients in their soil in order to grow properly, so you need to take the time to aerate and fertilize the areas where you will be planting. Get a tiller if it is a large plot of land. If it is a smaller area, then you may be able to just turn the soil by hand. Churn up the soil and fold some fertilizer in with it. Make sure you don’t overdo it, as too much fertilizer can actually stunt the growth of your plants and leave them with chemical burns.

It’s best to do this as much in advance of planting as possible. Ideally, you would actually do this in the fall, after you’ve pulled out all your plants. But if you didn’t do it then, make sure you do it in early spring so that your plants will have healthy, nutrient-rich soil to grow in.

Clean Up the Yard

This is also the time to start cleaning up your yard in preparation for spring planting. If you have fallen tree branches or plants that have died during the winter and won’t grow back, then start cleaning these up as soon as the snow melts enough for you to spot the debris. This helps you to prepare your yard for planting and the other spring chores listed above, as well as giving it a general sprucing up.

All of these chores can really start to add up when they all have to be done in the springtime.

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