Common Garden Stains and Its Possible Treatment


Common Garden Stains and Its Possible Treatment

Common Garden Stains and Its Possible Treatment

The sun is showing, and summer is right around the corner! It is definitely the best season for gardening or enjoying some time outdoors. Whichever summer activity you want to do, there is a high chance you will have garden stains on your clothes.

There are two approaches to removing spots and stains. You can immediately bring your clothes and have the stains removed chemically, or you can loosen the stains first at home before you have them for laundry delivery service. Well, if you prefer to remove the stains at home before sending them to the laundromat, here are some of the possible treatments you should know for common garden stains.


Whether working in your garden or just sitting in the grass enjoying ice cream, your pants will have a grass stain. You have to pretreat the stain with an enzyme-based remover or use a heavy-duty liquid detergent with an enzyme to break the stains. It is important to pre-treat the stain before tossing them in the washer.


It is common to have mud stains when gardening, the key to treating mud stains is to let the mud dry. When it is already dry, you can scrape or lift the mud off as much as possible. Once done, you can pre-treat the stain with regular detergent and launder it normally. But, if you find the mud deeply set into the fabric, it is best to pre-treat it with hand sanitizer.


It makes your heart flutter tending a garden with several beautiful flowers, even when just hanging around flowers is calming enough. But, it would be inevitable to have some pollen stains. Pollen leaves vibrant yellow marks.

When you have pollen stains, do not rub water on your clothes. Instead, shake your clothes vigorously to remove some of the dust. If tiny pollens remain, use tape to lift off the fabric.


We normally use sunscreen whenever we spend a lot of time outdoors to keep our skin safe under sunny weather. However, sunscreens may have oily stains. If you notice your clothes have an oily stain, pre-treat it with detergent. You can soak the fabric for 30 minutes.

If the stain color is yellow-orange, it is best to use lemon and salt, and you need to leave the treatment overnight before laundering the clothes.


Handling gardening tools might get you rust stains. You have to remember that rust stains are one of the most difficult to remove. If you notice this stain, use white vinegar to soak the clothes. If you see that the rust stain is lifted, launder the clothes as usual.

Follow these steps in treating common garden stains to remove them without harming the fabrics of your clothes. Moreover, these stains are removed more easily if they are taken care of immediately. Launder your clothes, as usual, following the care instructions. If the stains or spots remain, repeat the process.

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