Containers Gardening – A Complete Guide

Containers Gardening – A Complete Guide

Containers Gardening - A Complete Guide
Containers Gardening – A Complete Guide

Many people are not privileged enough to own a large garden with containers, but their passion to grow plants, love for flowers and herbs is profound and they find another way to satiate their thirst for gardening. Container gardening or growing plants (container) in pots is a wonderful way to create your own garden in a small space. There are various garden pots in Melbourne where people actually grow what they want to. Flowers, vegetable, and herbs can be grown in containers of all sizes and shapes.

For many urban gardeners, container gardens on rooftops, patio or even outside the kitchen doors is the only option left because of space issue. If you really want a garden feeling outside your home and you don’t enough backyard space, you can opt for synthetic grass Melbourne and put your pots in a structured way to create a beautiful indoor garden. Container gardening is enjoyable, easy and can be sowed in almost all types of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and others.

Gardening in Containers – Important Things to Remember

One thing you must remember that container plants demand more care than their counterparts in the ground because they totally depend on you for all their needs. You confine them to a limited space and if you don’t feed them or treat them with appropriate water and sunlight, they quickly become stressed. Some important things to remember before container gardening are:

  • Create a proper drain soil mix
  • Choose pots or containers depending on the nature of plants
  • Proper fertilizer treatment in a regular interval
  • The right amount of sunlight, not too much, not less.
  • Enough water but not drench them completely.
  • Protection against temperature extremes.

It is important to use a drained soil mix. Many people do this mistake of using garden soil, which contains weeds and pest. A good commercial potting soil mix will provide the right amount of drainage and free from pests.

Gardening in containers is not a tough job, but a careful one. First, you need to understand the nature of each plant and select the size of containers for a plant. It is not mandatory that you choose only earthen pot; you can choose window boxes, wine barrels, recycled pulp containers, etc. to grow your plant. Only thing is to ensure the size is enough to hold full-grown plants and their root systems.

You can also decorate the pots with rocks Melbourne and also put small pebbles at the bottom for better drainage.

Essential Elements of Gardening Pots

Water and Fertilizers

Water is the most important aspect when you grow your plants in pots. Sprinkle water to the leaves and pour it into the soil every day like a daily habit. In the heat of summers, plants need extra water; you can test it by putting your forefingers in the soil and observe the dryness.

A good strength liquid fertilizer solution is important after every 3 weeks. It is important to use an organic fertilizer like liquid fish emulsion and kelp.

Container Herbs

It is quite popular to grow herbs in containers and easily be grown with minimum caring. Container herbs can be easily weeding and require no hoeing. You can put all types of herbs starting from basils, rosemary, thyme, parsley etc.

Growing Vegetables

Growing vegetables in containers or in the ground are extremely rewarding in a sense of internal satisfaction. You can grow all types of vegetables in containers such as tomatoes, eggplants, chilies, cucumber, beans, squash, and others. You need to choose appropriate containers to plant it, ensuring the full-grown plants get enough space to spread their roots.

Gardening is a passion in itself, its lover should be patient and learn from all the experiences that you experience during the different works in the garden … Enjoy

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