Control Deer Tip: Make Your Garden A No-Feeding Zone For Deer


Control Deer Tip: Make Your Garden A No-Feeding Zone For Deer

Who doesn’t love watching deer graze in a field? These serene creatures seem harmless deep enough and while we enjoy watching them do their thing, we just enjoy it more when it is not in our own backyard. According to St. Pest control Deer experts, it is extremely difficult to stop and control deer from destroying your landscape. They are often capable of taking out an entire garden in just one evening with their ravenous appetites.

Unfortunately for you, this feasting can cost you a lot of money trying to replace the plants that served as their supper. However, there are some tricks to keeping these ruminant mammals from undoing all your hard work in the backyard.

Deer don’t have much of an appetite for stonecrops. This is a plant with yellow, orange, red, or pink flowers, so in addition to keeping deer at bay, it will also enliven your landscape. This plant stands as a favorite in the stone garden community, possibly because it offers contrasting colors in the flowers and leaves, which can appear bluish-green, off-white, greenish-yellow, or reddish-pink.

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Another useful plant is lamb’s ears. These deer-repelling plants are visually pleasing. They produce a light purple flower on tall spikes and have silverish foliage that feels comparable to velvet. This plant won’t ever be devoured by deer looking for a quick meal, as they are averse to the texture and the taste.

If you’re looking for a plant that will not only keep and control deer away but other animals as well, the prickly pear cactus offers the same benefits of having a defensive barbed-wire fence without actually spending the money to install it. This plant is largely found in the eastern United States and produces stunning yellow flowers. The plant itself grows to be six to 14 inches in height and is guaranteed to be ignored by deer.

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Each of these plants can be grown in areas of your landscape that aren’t particularly shady because they can thrive with very little water. For more information on plants that will keep and manage deer out of your garden.

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