Top 07 Benefits to Planting Evergreen Trees


Top 07 Benefits to Planting Evergreen Trees in BackYard

Evergreen Trees are a welcome addition to the yard in any season. From the buds of spring to the colorful leaves in Autumn, the trees in your yard are an addition that’s pleasing to the eyes.

But, they have much more to offer on your property. If you’ve been considering a tree being added to your yard, here are a few benefits you may not have known about, including more trees in your backyard.

1. Privacy with Evergreen trees

One of the biggest appeals of adding a tree is the additional privacy. The tall trunks and large branches can provide enough privacy that could rival a traditional fence. Evergreen trees are usually the best for privacy since they are tall and add a natural screen. Evergreen trees are easy to maintain and look great in any season.

2. Environmentally Friendly

You’re creating a better environment for yourself, your neighbors, and other animals. Adding trees to your yard helps improve the air and water quality in your area. According to Pennsylvania State University, a tree can store up to 13 pounds of carbon every year, converting it into oxygen. It also helps remove debris and toxins from water.

Choosing native plants and trees can also benefit local wildlife and organisms. As these trees are native to the area, many of them have what it takes to survive in your climate. Also, it’s great for birds and other wildlife so they can create a habitat for themselves.

4. Natural Shade

Trees provide wonderful natural shade to your yard that could help save you money in building a structure like an arbor or a pergola. Big trees with large branches is a great spot to place a hammock under or a small place to relax outside.

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5. Growing Produce

Who doesn’t like to have fresh produce right from their backyard? Fruit trees are a wonderful addition to keep in mind. Before you do so, research what fruit trees would grow best in your yard. They may take a little more maintenance, but it will be worth it for all the fresh produce you get to have! Here are some fruit tree types that you might like in your yard:

6. Adding Value

With any tree installation, you add value to your home. The Arbor Day Foundation estimates that landscaping with trees can increase your property value by as much as 20%. Keep in mind, a mature tree can add more value than a seedling or younger tree.

7. Evergreen Framework of the Garden

As plants begin to go dormant, it’s a good time to study the evergreen framework of the garden. A few well-placed evergreens can give it structure and focus even during winter.

Fall is a great time to plant evergreen ground covers, trees, and shrubs. Visit your local garden center and look for selections of these shrubs or trees: hollies, azaleas, clever as, cherry laurel, cotoneaster, and Indian hawthorns. Evergreen ground covers include Asiatic jasmine, junipers, cotoneaster, and nandinas.

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