Expert Tips for Turning a Summerhouse Into a Spare Guest Bedroom


Expert Tips for Turning a Summerhouse Into a Spare Guest Bedroom

In the summer, it is not unusual to have unexpected visitors. These guests might be your relatives or friends from out of town that just want a place to stay while they enjoy our beautiful weather. If you are looking for a quick fix for space, you could take advantage of your summerhouse and transform it into a spare guest bedroom.

This option is perfect if you live in an apartment with limited space, or if the guest only needs a comfortable room during their stay. The expert tips below will guide you on how to turn a summerhouse into a spare guest bedroom.

Getting a Good Bed

Firstly, you need to make sure the guest gets a good night’s sleep. This means getting a good bed, and possibly taking out your spare futon or sofa if it is too thin and uncomfortable. Think about different bed sizes and which one will be best for your guest. You will want something that is easy to unmake and doesn’t take up too much space, so a double bed is out of the question. A single bed can do just fine. You can check online for reviews and the best bed choices for guest bedrooms.

If you are looking for something which will fit in with the decor, but also provide great comfort for your guests then you should consider buying a foam mattress topper. These come in both single and double sizes, and they can turn any old or cheap futon into an extremely comfortable bed that will last many years. Even if you only buy one which is big enough for one person, it will still save space because it makes use of all available space under the sheet.

Furniture and Décor For The Room

Now that you have a comfortable bed, it is time to concentrate on the furniture and décor. Remember your guests want to be relaxed and at home in their surroundings, so keep this in mind when thinking of new additions.

First of all, get some good lighting into the room. You don’t want them stumbling about in the dark if they need to go to the bathroom during the night! Next up is seating – you will want somewhere for them to sit comfortably and watch TV or read a book. So invest in an armchair or couch if you can spare some budget from your summer house renovations. If space is limited then look around for some space-saving options such as foldaway chairs, sofas, or benches.

A Clean Living Space

The next thing you will need to provide is a sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcase for your guests. It is a nice touch to provide guests with their own set of sheets, so they feel like they are at home instead of in someone else’s house. Just remember that if you choose to use your spare sheets for this purpose, you will need to add them to your regular laundry schedule.

After providing them with clean bedding and linen, it is also time to give them somewhere clean and tidy to relax. Don’t worry about how small your summerhouse is – there are ways around having limited space by using wall-mounted shelves or even hanging things from hooks on the wall (if you are using an outbuilding that has bare walls). Try filling the room with lots of throw pillows or soft cushions to make them feel relaxed and comfortable.

Taking Care of Dusty Surfaces

Dust can be a major problem in summer houses, so you will need to decide on how you will deal with this. Luckily there are some easy ways of cleaning surfaces quickly, even if all you have is a vacuum cleaner (handheld or regular). If your sofa is upholstered then simply take off the cushions and give it a good hoover. For wooden surfaces, you can use a damp cloth but make sure it is completely dry before using it on your guests. You can also use a microfiber cloth to get into all the little nooks and crannies.

Another thing that you should consider is getting an air purifier. This will work wonders for keeping the air free of dust and contaminants, which means your guests won’t have to use tissues or suffer from allergies when they are in your summer house. You can find one in pretty much any price range, so it is worth having for regular use too.

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Sealing Off Any Drafts

In the end, there is just one last thing we need to look at before we can say your summer house is ready for guests. You need to make sure there are no drafts coming into the room from under the door, or from any windows which aren’t fitted with a proper flyscreen. To do this you will probably have to invest in some draught-excluding rubber seals, but it is worth it if you want your guests to be warm and comfortable during their stay.

You also need to think about preventing cold air from blowing under the door, so you can either invest in some draught excluders or cover the bottom of your doors with throw rugs.

If you want to keep out more than just drafts and prying eyes, we recommend investing in a good-quality wooden summer house. These look great and are designed to protect your guests from drafts and other people who might be prying.

Many people have a summer house, but not everyone is aware of the benefits that come with turning it into an additional guest bedroom. Investing in some draught-excluding rubber seals and blinds can stop drafts from coming through where doors and windows meet, as well as keep the room warm during cold winters to make your guests comfortable.

Getting great furniture for your summer house is also important, so it is worth spending some time thinking about storage solutions, seating, and how to make the most out of limited space. With these additions, you will be able to provide them with a clean, comfortable environment where they can relax and enjoy their stay.

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