My First Home Grown Cayenne Pepper


My First Home Grown Cayenne Pepper

First Home Grown Cayenne PepperFirst Home Grown Cayenne Pepper

I’ve been eagerly watching my cayenne peppers turning red over the past week waiting until they were are ripe as they could get.pepper red

When I saw some of them turning black I thought something had got to them and they were going bad but actually, they were just starting to turn bright red like the guy in the top left.

The cayenne pepper in the top corner looked perfectly ripe now so I snapped it off and brought it in the house to add to a salsa I was planning to make, for the first time using my own tomatoes and peppers.

I needed to know just how spicy this pepper was so I popped a piece in my mouth as I was cutting it up. There was no waiting for results as the heat was instant. I put the pepper slice on my tongue and was immediately pleased with the heat punch. A very cool experience as my head started to sweat.

Unless I picked a Chile Grande that wasn’t fully ripe I think my cayenne peppers are hotter than they are. I will have to let the Chile Grande stay on the plant a little longer and see if they get any hotter.

Grown Cayenne Pepper
One of my Cayenne Pepper Plants

Grown Cayenne Peppers
We have four Chile Grande Pepper Plants

It’s the 23rd of this month and we had a really late start to our growing season due to a tropical storm and flooding. I’m hoping we get another month of good weather so all two dozen hot pepper plants get to full ripeness.

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