Lifetime Fish Cleaning Table Review


Lifetime Fish Cleaning Table Review

Fish Fillet Cleaning Table With Sink - Top Lifetime Fish Cleaning Table Review

The fish table with sink from Lifetime Products is great for the backyard and is one of the best outdoor kitchen sinks, for camping, or fishing use. This awesome Lifetime Fish Cleaning Table with sink has a spray handle of the pull-out type that hooks onto your hose. It also has 2 different settings for spraying. The molded-in channel of the tabletop is specially designed with a molded-in channel to ensure that you do not lose any water.

The table has storage on the underside for the spray handle and drain hose. Also included is a rubber drain stopper. It has a stain-resistant surface, UV-protected, and easy to clean fish. The folding tables for Fish Fillet Cleaning are designed with an easy fold-in-half design and a handle for easy storage and transportation, three adjustable height settings, and a ruler molded into the top.

There is a powder-coated finish on the sturdy steel frame to protect against rust, weather, and corrosion.

This Fish Fillet Cleaning Table is adorable! I have been searching for a camping table that has a sink that will be easy to set up, easily dismantled, lightweight, and durable.

Lifetime 4 Foot Folding Fish Fillet Cleaning Table with Sink - for Camping, Picnic, Garden, Outdoors
  • Washbasin with an integrated drain and plug
  • Attaches to a standard garden hose
  • Integrated channels for water drainage
  • Spray nozzle with flow control
  • Perfect to use as a fish cleaning Table or portable camping sink

The manufacturer took into consideration the needs of others when making this. After you do it once, it becomes easier for one person to set it up. Just like the kitchen sink drain stop, the nozzle stores underneath. The legs fold downward with a loaded bracket and inward push spring. It has a carry handle to boot and clips together! There are other designs where the faucet screws in and setting up and dismantling it would take forever.

folding tablesWhat I really loved about these lifetime outdoor tables is that we could easily take them out camping, and make use of them outside of the RV. In this way, there was no need to use the sink inside the RV, and this helped to keep the RV clean fish. Our friends loved it and we’re considering buying one for themselves.

  • Material: Steel, Polyethylene
  • Frame Material: Metal
  • Brand: LIFETIME
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Dimension of item(inches): LxWxH: 49.1 x 24.1 x 36.5

Features of this Outdoor Folding Tables

  • Integrated channels for draining water
  • Washbasin with an integrated plug and drain
  • Spray nozzle with flow control
  • It can be affixed to a standardized garden hose
  • Storage for accessories
  • Great for use as an outdoor kitchen camping sink or cleaning table for fish
  • Folding tables with outdoor kitchen sink; with fillet knife used for storage and transportation
  • Convenient carrying handle


Product Description – Best Fish Cleaning Table

4-Foot lifetime table with sink – The Fillet Table with 48 in x 24 inches dimensions has a polyethylene (HDPE) high-density surface (Almond). It has a molded-in washbasin of dimensions 12.5 in. x 15.5 x 3 in. Outdoor folding tables with camping Sinks have a steel folding frame made of bronze which is powder-coated. It has settings for three adjustable heights with dimensions 29.5 in., 22.5 in, & 36.5 in. with a limited warranty for 2 years.

  • The dimension of the Fish Cleaning Table With Sink Product: is 49.1 x 24.1 x 36.5 inchesOutdoor folding tables with camping Sink
  • Weight of Item: 24 pounds
  • ASIN: B079Q9X6GS
  • Manufacturer: Lifetime Products
  • Item model number: 280560

If the plastic breaks and can no longer be attached, the spray handle attachment can be replaced. There are available replacement parts that can be ordered via the customer service department.

With a fillet table with a kitchen sink, You don’t have to use your hands to press the spray nozzle to get water. You can get water out ‘hands-free” There is a switch at the top that you can use to put on the water so it can be used hands-free. You can also turn it off using the same switch. Yes, the product is hands-free; there is a valve on top to turn the water on and off and it works like a sink faucet.

The manufacturers of this product have manufacturing factories in the US, Vietnam, and China. This particular product is manufactured in its China facility.

The drain is not constructed to be connected to a hose. You can connect your hose to the faucet for running water. However, the drain is only designed to run into a bucket placed underneath.

The drain hose folds down and is flexible. There is no connection attached to it. It is built to drain out on the ground or drain into a bucket which you have to provide.

If you are looking for a way to extend the drain hose either by replacing the existing drain hose or by adding something, currently the product does not have an available extension hose. The drain is built to evacuate into a bucket placed below the table.

Some people love the ability of this product to fold. They like to use this product in a garage but would want to know if water leaks via the crack in the center when it is open. Water could leak via the crack. As a matter of fact, if the water is poured on the tabletop, it would also run off to the side.

Some people own one of these Outdoor camping sinks and make use of them at their campsite throughout the summer. The table is loved by a lot of people and they never had any problem with the water flowing anywhere else apart from through the sink and out of the drain.


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You Might Want to Know How the Spraying Handle Attaches to the Fish Fillet Table

The spray handle is fixed to the edge of the Fish Cleaning Table With Sink. It also has a hose attachment for water. For convenient storage, the handle can be removed and connected to the bottom of the outdoor kitchen fish cleaning table when not in use.

The Nozzle Sprays and Stream Water as Well for Lifetime Fish Cleaning Table

There are two adjustments in the spray handle: one on the nozzle which alters the flow from narrow to wide and one on the top to change the pressure. Both of them are spray settings. There is no option for streaming. The table sits 22.5″ high at its lowest setting. It also adjusts to 36.5″ and 29.5″.

When it comes to the best method to prevent the outdoor kitchen table with sink from falling over in the wind, if the table is not in use, fold it and put it away. You could try holding the legs with something if you need to leave the table outside.

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Lifetime 280560 4-Foot Folding Fish Fillet Cleaning Table with Sink

Lifetime 280560 4-Foot Folding Fish Fillet Cleaning Table with Sink

Fish Cleaning Table With Sink

Fish Cleaning Table With Sink

  • Wash basin with integrated drain and plug.
  • Attaches to a standard garden hose Built-in channels for water drainage
  • Spray nozzle with flow control Perfect for use as a fish cleaning table or portable camping sink
  • Designated storage for accessories.
  • Convenient handle for carrying.
  • Next camping trip; a folding table in two portable for easy carrying and storage

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