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How to Flower the Foot of a Low Wall?

How to flower the foot of a low wall?

How to flower the foot of a low wall?
How to flower the foot of a low wall?

In a garden often the question to decorate better way this strip of land left with the abandonment at the bottom of a low wall raises. Here some ideas which will help you there.

The site of the low wall

According to its site, the low wall can overshadow the plants which will be with its foot, or on the contrary, collect all heat and restore it. Its exposure is thus to take into account concerning the choice of the plants.

The nature of the ground has also its importance. Under this built space, the ground is often packed, of poor quality, it will thus have to be amended compost and of manure, if you wish to install greedy plants there.

Also think of the pH, because certain plants push only in acid soil (azaleas, camellias) whereas others appreciate the basic soil.

Do not forget to mix hardy perennials and annuals. The first will constitute the base of the decoration, the seconds will come to supplement them in order to vary the pleasures according to the seasons. Lastly, think of planting the highest plants at the bottom of a wall and low right in front of so that they remain visible.

What to plant at the bottom of a shaded low wall?

If the zone is shaded, plant a beautiful line of Hydrangeas which will illuminate it their large pink, white, or blue pompoms. If the low wall is surmounted by a netting, you can replace them by climbing hydrangeas (Hydrangea petiolaris) which will enchant you their bunches of white flowers in summer.

Camellias or rhododendrons will get also perfectly the bargain especially in acid soil.

At the bottom of these shrubs, plant hostas, whose multiple varieties allow a very interesting camaieu of colors or the hellébore which will flower in winter. You can also install ferns or heuchères to exploit the texture of the foliages.

To give peps to your low wall in summer, add some plans of impatiens of New Guinea to the flowers delicately iridescent.

What to plant at the bottom of a low wall in full sun?

If you wish to decorate the foot of your low wall of the rose tree, think of improving the ground before the plantation with a good organic manure. According to the height of the low wall, plant rose tree bushes or rose trees floor covering, there exists about it of all the colors and for all the tastes.

If you do not have that little time to grant to your garden think of the graminaceous ones! Stipas, sedge, blue fescue, miscanthus will be satisfied with a ground poor and dry and will not require almost any maintenance to you while giving movement to your decoration!

Also think of the longlived geranium rustic good, which in the course of time forms very beautiful cushions of blue flowers, pink or mauve according to the variety. This plant easy to live will give you only satisfaction.

In USA , the foot of a low wall is a very hot zone especially if it is Southern full talk. An edge of sisal plants can appear better effect, just like the plantation of Aloes which will make you the surprise flower in winter or of aeoniums always surprising by the shape of their rivet washers of sheets.

All these fatty plants are declined into cubes multiple species and cultivars, which will enable you to vary the pleasures. With their feet, Gazanias, vervains or petunias will come to color the table in summer.

You can also border your wall of aromatic plants like the lavender, rosemary, the hélichrysum or the sage, the underlined whole of a thyme edge; the pollinating insects will be charmed!

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