Best 10 Outdoor Garden Furniture Care Tips


Best 10 Outdoor Garden Furniture Care Tips

Best 10 Outdoor Garden Furniture Caring Tips

Looking after your garden furniture is a one-off job that will bring you pleasure for many years. Here’s a guide to giving your garden furniture care tips.

Garden Furniture Care Tips

Normally, you do not need to wash it or dust it if it is in perfect shape. But if it is beyond repair or is showing signs of wear and tear, you will need to clean it and maintain it. What You Need To Do Clean the wooden pieces with soap and water to remove grease and dirt. Dry the furniture with a towel.

Then, lightly oil the piece. Or, wipe it with a diluted disinfectant and allow it to air dry. Or, use a protective or green-safe oil to avoid any toxic fumes. Keep an eye out for broken pieces and do the necessary repair work.

Then, move on to the rest of the furniture. Lubricate the wooden pieces or gently rub them with oil so that they can function normally. Let the furniture air dry. If you use any type of oil, take it off as soon as it is dry and replace it with fresh oil.

Garden Furniture Protection

Depending on the size of your garden, several pieces of garden furniture can be placed inside the garage or covered. Use the metal in the metal fence to protect the furniture from the elements. In order to protect the seating or furniture, you can use metal fencing that is heat resistant. For the cushions, give a good wipe with a cloth.

Folding Furniture Placing the garden furniture on a flat surface will prevent it from getting mouldy and taking in dust and grime. Rotating the furniture can also help the furniture to age gracefully. All you need to do is find a surface that has a high number of springs. Set the chair on the springs, put a dowel on the chair, and place the chair on the surface. The time it takes to clean the seat is around 5 seconds.

1. Hardwood Furniture Care Tips

A lot of tropical hardwoods such as teak have a lot of natural oil in them, which enables them to be left outside all year round. Also, a key thing to remember is not to worry if your table and chairs start to crack along the grain. All wooden furniture exposed to the elements over time will start to crack when exposed to hot, dry, and wet weather conditions.

Take care of your garden furniture with treatment and garden furniture covers.

Garden furniture made of wood does not require much attention. You can obviously protect your furniture with garden furniture covers, and some people recommend cleaning garden furniture using warm soapy water, to remove dirt and grime from the furniture.

Wooden furniture will eventually lose its natural color, but you can slow down the process by purchasing products such as teak oil. The best time to treat and protect your garden furniture is in the summer when your garden furniture has been dry for some time or has been protected with a garden furniture cover for some time.

The key thing to remember is that if you do decide to treat your garden furniture, is to make sure it is completely dry. Otherwise, your wooden furniture will react badly to the treatment and turn a very dark colour, almost black!

2. Outdoor Backyard Parasols Care Tips

Parasols Care Tips

Parasols are the most fragile part of any garden furniture product. The fabric of the parasol if it gets wet must be dry before you place a parasol cover over it. If the fabric is wet and put away without being dried it will rot and become weak.

3. Aluminium Garden Furniture Care Tips

Aluminium Garden Furniture Care Tips

Garden furniture made from cast aluminium does not rust, but the same rules apply for garden furniture made of aluminium as they do iron and steel. Make sure the paint and lacquer are in good condition and, use garden furniture covers when not in use.

The majority of garden furniture made of either iron or steel requires very little care and attention due to the hard-wearing paint and all-weather finish. We would recommend protecting your furniture with garden furniture covers, but again they must be dry before being stored. Another thing to look for is any paint chips.

Much like a car if the iron or steel is exposed then it will rust, get under an area of paint, and will erode underneath the paint. So make sure your garden furniture is dry and any weak or damaged paint is replaced with protective metal paint or lacquer.

4. Plastic Chairs and Tables Care TipsPlastic Chairs and Tables Care Tips

Make sure they are dry before placing a garden furniture cover over the top of them and most importantly check for damage. Especially check the chairs for damage, Key areas include the legs and arms for cracks.

Left outside over a warm period plastic will heat up and cool down quite a few times over a summer period, so make sure you check your garden furniture chairs the last thing you want to happen is for your chair to break when you’ve got all your friends round for a BBQ.

Wooden Garden Furniture

5. Hardwood Garden Furniture

Preservative protection and teak oil are available from all the best DIY retailers, in a handy spray, or in a bottle available from Cuprinol.

We would recommend applying this regularly maybe once or twice a season. This will keep your hardwood garden furniture looking great! We here at gardens nursery amazon furniture highly recommend this particular range of protection products made by Cuprinol. It is very hard-wearing and with the name Cuprinol stamped on the tin you know it will keep your garden furniture looking great all year round!

6. Softwood Garden Furniture

Garden furniture products made from softwood such as pine look great, worth every penny and are another alternative if you do not fancy buying a piece of garden furniture made of hardwood. Also because the vast majority of garden furniture made from softwood is sold untreated, you have the advantage of being able to finish how you want it.

Unfortunately unlike hardwoods, softwood garden furniture does not withstand the good old British weather like hardwoods do so you must make sure that your garden furniture is protected with garden furniture covers and is treated against rot, decay, and moisture damage.

We would recommend again using a product from Cuprinol garden furniture finish. This product will colour and protect untreated softwood. This is perfect to protect your garden furniture, keeping it looking great all year round! It is perfect if you have just purchased a brand new and untreated garden furniture set. Remember that once you have painted and protected your garden furniture, give it that bit extra protection with a garden furniture cover.

7. Aluminium Garden Furniture

One great reason to choose a garden furniture set made out of aluminum as it does not rust. We would still recommend covering it with a garden furniture cover to give it some protection and also to keep it clean. Another great thing about aluminum is that it is also very light! So it makes it easier to move it around and store it because it is so lightweight it could be stored in a garage roof space.

8. Metal Garden Furniture

Exposed metal surfaces will eventually rust over time. Make sure that the paint has not flaked and is not peeling. You can refresh the look of your garden furniture, as it will fade over time with car polish or wax.

You can protect your metal garden furniture with garden furniture covers to keep your garden furniture clean in the winter months. You must check your metal garden furniture carefully for flakes and cracks. If you have an area of heavily corroded or oxidized it will require some form of treatment to repair the bare metal surface.

Basically, the same method in which you take care of your car applies to metal garden furniture. Make sure you use some fine car polish with a smooth cloth, and then once polished make sure the area is repainted or metal lacquer is applied. Don does not use anything rough to apply the polish as it will leave fine scratches.

Treat any little chips in the paint with paint or lacquer and always use rust-resistant primer will help keep the rust from spreading. Your local DIY store will have a good selection of paints and lacquers and cleaning products for metal.

9. Plastic Garden Furniture

To care for your plastic garden furniture such as chairs and tables the best thing we can suggest using is warm soapy water and a sponge or cloth. If they are in use a lot over the summer months then try and clean them once or twice a month just to keep them looking fresh.

Once clean cover them with a garden furniture cover to enable them to look great all year round. Some people recommend using a chemical such as bleach or other chemicals to clean off stubborn stains, that is fine.

But make sure you are careful where you use the chemical as it can be harmful to the environment. Also if you do decide to use chemicals such as bleach to remove dirt and grime make sure you wear rubber gloves as it will cause irritation. Stubborn stains and mildew would require bleach, and since no amount of chemicals like chlorine would harm the material, then your plastic chairs would be just fine.

10. Tempered Glass Table Tops

Tempered glass table tops can be cleaned regularly using warm soapy water or any glass cleaning product. Check for cracks before covering them with a garden furniture cover and before use or after have been in storage for a considerable time. The last thing you want to happen is for your tabletop to collapse, or break. You can, of course, protect your tempered glass top using garden furniture covers.

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Can we talk about garden furniture for a moment? Whether you are a parent or are somebody else who likes to spend their leisure time outdoors, your garden furniture does need to be cleaned for maximum enjoyment.

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