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Building on the concept of enjoying your garden is the idea of your outdoor space being an area of meditation and healing. This approach is multi-fold incorporating the Japanese ideas of Wabi-sabi, shinrin-yoku, and Buddhist mindfulness and deep breathing. Wabi-sabi is the balance of nature and nurture. It’s allowing your garden to flow through their natural cycles without interference. Forget the pruning, and westernized “perfect” of a garden. Embrace the elegance of your garden, as-is, throughout the year.

Shinrin-yoku is better known as “forest bathing” and is simply practices by walking through nature. Generate even a tiny path through your garden surrounded by trees and shrubs, plants, and shrubs and make it a daily habit to walk through it, enjoying your very own piece of nature. Many people are also setting up a tiny space in their garden for meditation. This space can be whatever you want it to be. A straightforward clearing, a bench next to a tree, the edge of a pond. Drinking water features are popular as flowing water can be very relaxing and offer a point of focus. Some enjoying planting medicinal plant life in this area, such as lavender, to provide a wonderful ambiance and scent. Plus those plant life can be used in place of some things in your medicine cabinet! Applying wildflowers, prairie grasses, and upcycled d? cor and containers add a fairly easy to care for a traditional ambiance.

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