Garden Wind Spinner Therapy


Garden Wind Spinner Therapy

Have you ever wondered why you so rarely see a black and white wind spinner? Or a windsock that offers nothing to the eye but a few shades of grey? Why aren’t there any bland garden ornaments? There’s a good reason for that.
Color heals.

It might sound crazy, but it’s true. Spending even a little time around bright radiant colors will soothe your mind and offer healing benefits to your body as well. While lifting your spirits from the doldrums, it can also provide relief to a long list of aches and pains and other physical woes.

Make no Mistake. Your Wind Spinners are Therapeutic

But exactly how does a wind spinner perform therapy? We human beings have been paying attention to color for as long as we’ve been around. In simple terms, color is merely light of differing wavelengths. And light has tremendous power – look no further than the sun for your best example of this fundamental truth. Ever been cheered by the sight of it? Delighted in its warmth on your face? Been awed by a stunning rainbow the sun creates after a Spring rain?

When human beings interact with vibrations of light, their own vibrations are enhanced. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are always interacting with and being affected by color. All color therapy really does is utilize that perception and call your attention to it, so that you can use it more deliberately.

Color therapy is easy! It integrates with more traditional therapies such as aromatherapy or even talk therapy. It’s non-invasive and requires little effort on your part. Color therapy addresses a whole range of problems and issues – these can be physical in nature, emotional, or even spiritual.

Every color has a unique wavelength and frequency of vibration. You do too! Therefore, when you think about a color therapy plan that will work for you, get real specific. You want to begin by figuring out those colors you particularly enjoy.

Does violet make you happy? Does a soft pink make you feel deeply peaceful? Does a certain color rouse you to action, inspire you to look within? Don’t rush this analysis. Look at plenty of colors and let your mind – and your peepers – float over the sea of options. You want to get the best fit possible.

After you’ve figured out which colors resonate positively for you, try and select a wind spinner or other garden ornament that matches those colors. Then you can begin the fun part- sitting back, looking at your garden, and letting the healing through color begin!


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