Gardening Tips: Maintenance of Garden

Gardening Tips: Maintenance of Garden

Gardening Tips: A maintenance-free garden (or almost)
Gardening Tips: A maintenance-free garden (or almost)

Every garden owner dreams (gardening tips) of a beautiful and welcoming garden in any season, which makes you want to relax, to unwind, to have lunch outside or to nap in a hammock; But when it comes to pruning, watering or mowing the lawn, the landscape can quickly become a chore. Fortunately, there are solutions to create a garden that is easy to maintain.

How to develop an easy to maintain your garden?

Here, the lawn has been replaced by ground cover crops such as sedums or dwarf chamomile, which require very little care once they have covered the space. In order to avoid the proliferation of weeds, the landscape is partially covered with slate plates of different sizes that allow sedum and chamomile to appear in different places. For the masses, decorative grasses such as blue fescue, copper sedge and angel hair (Stipa tenuifolia) like poor soils and do not need much watering. They will house many insect species that will devour aphids and pests and limit the risk of disease.

In the pots, the abélia confetti, the elegant foliage, and the pretty summer bloom, almost does not grow, to avoid the work of size. The trees Catalpa bignonioïdes “Nana ” or Bungie are also known for their natural ball port and their low growth. On the palisade grow honeysuckle, climbing hydrangeas and creeping dwarf charcoals that behave like climbers. Spring bulbs, such as crocuses and tulips are also very easy to grow. This garden requires a little work on startup, but from the following season, it will give you time to nap, it’s promised!

The gardener’s advice

To limit watering chores, do not forget to mulch your plantations, for example, pine bark, wood shavings or dead leaves. This will also improve soil structure, promote microbial life and reduce health risks.

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