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Genetically Modified Crops: Planting Right Seeds

Genetically Modified Crops: Planting Right Seeds

Planting a Good Future With the Right Seeds (genetically modified crops)
Planting a Good Future With the Right Seeds (genetically modified crops)

The world today is waking up to newer environmental disasters, and some of them are very likely caused by the genetically modified crops that are widely planted and consumed today. The environment is according to the United Nations Environment Program at the brink of a catastrophe and we need to act yesterday. Genetically modified food is destroying the earth in various ways. Let us look at them now.

Genetically Modified Crops

Genetically modified crops, that are planted so widely, require a very high amount of water. In order to have that high amount of water, we have to resort to extensive irrigation, which often end up damaging the biodiversity of different regions and which can also cause floods. The widely used genetically modified crops also demand extensive use of pesticides and herbicides, which are extremely harmful to the organisms living in the soil and often end up killing many of the beneficial organisms. Mixed with the water, the pesticides and herbicides contaminate a great region as the water flows over a large region and also seeps underground. Pesticides and herbicides are poison and by consuming those animals and humans can die. Even by handling pesticides and herbicides farmers fall ill. Many people associate pesticides with carcinogens, claiming that a high rate of cancer patients is linked with extensive pesticide use.

Genetically Modified Varieties

The genetically modified varieties that are used are often made sterile so that one cannot grow a plant from seed kits from the yields of those genetically modified crops. This is done so that farmers have to buy seeds over and over again from multinational companies. When the pollen from the flowers of a plant from such seeds bought from multinational agricultural giants makes pollination with the flowers of another plant of the same species, then the offspring variety is often found to be sterile. So the use of such genetically modified seeds is harmful even to the farmers who are not using them as then many of their seeds too can become sterile.

Also, the world is not entirely aware of how much damage consumption of food made from such genetically modified crops can do to our bodies. There are studies that indicate that genetically modified food is a much better option for our health than genetically modified the food. Also, many scientists suggest that due to the extensive use of pesticides in non-organic farming, many microbes and pests are becoming highly resistant and soon scientists might have no tool to fight against those pests and microbes. All this indicates that a change in our agricultural practices is absolutely necessary.

The Best Seed Bank

The best seed bank is one such initiative. In a survival seed bank, you keep a number of varieties of seeds which are not contaminated by genetically modified seeds. This way you preserve the local varieties and by exchanging them you can actually earn profits. With the help of seed kits, which you can buy at a suitable store, you too can play a role in saving the environment by storing emergency seeds, and not only that, seed kits arm you with the tools of self-sufficiency.

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