Georgia Counties Great For Those Seeking An Away-From-It-All Lifestyle


Georgia Counties Great For Those Seeking An Away-From-It-All Lifestyle

Georgia Counties Great For Those Seeking An Away-From-It-All Lifestyle

For those with an inclination to “get away from it all,” Georgia is filled with hidden gems where adventure awaits. The Peach State is packed with places that offer peace, tranquility, and a slower pace of life no matter what kind of scene you’re searching for.

While there are countless reasons why people choose to make this the destination for their much-needed break, we’ve compiled a list of some standout counties in Georgia that can provide the perfect escape.

Whether you have visions of exploring nature on endless hikes or sipping cocktails poolside at opulent resorts, these counties will surely deliver. Find out more about the ideal spots for getting away from the hustle and bustle in the rest of Georgia.

Fulton County

Fulton County is one of the most popular destinations for those looking to escape. This county provides a unique blend of urban and rural vibes in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Despite being just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Fulton County has preserved its stunning backdrop of natural beauty that entices visitors with an eye for nature.

Fulton County has it all if you’re looking for an idyllic escape. From cozy campsites tucked away in the wilderness to majestic trails dotted with rivers, lakes, and streams perfect for exploring by kayak or foot, there’s something magical waiting to be discovered around every corner. Plus, from dazzling nightscapes of stars above your tent door to invigorating morning hikes down peaceful paths, this is one outdoor experience like no other.

Whether you’re searching for an extravagant retreat or a wallet-friendly oasis, this county offers an array of lodging to suit all needs. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a more rustic experience, several cabins are scattered throughout the county’s countryside that provide cozy comforts. Fulton County will surely deliver no matter what kind of getaway you’re seeking.

Additionally, Fulton County is home to some of the most interesting attractions in Georgia. With various museums, art galleries, and performance venues available, visitors can easily fill their days exploring this county’s cultural delights. From the World of Coca-Cola to the High Museum of Art, plenty of activities can be enjoyed in Fulton County.

Hall County

Hall is an excellent choice for anyone looking to move out of their hometown and start a new life. It offers so much convenience and quality of life that no other place can compare. Hall County has attractions such as Lake Lanier Islands Resort, Elachee Nature Science Center, Laurel Park, and Don Carter State Park.

It also provides various outdoor activities, from fishing and camping to kayaking and river rafting. For those who crave urban settings, the nearby University town of Athens also has plenty to offer. The area also has fantastic community resources such as libraries, parks, hospitals, shopping centers, and more for those looking for entertainment or necessities.

Furthermore, it’s easy access to major Interstates like I-985 and Thurmond Tanner Parkway makes commuting a breeze from any part of the county. And with the median home price below the national average, Hall County remains an ideal destination for prospective homeowners looking for affordability and quality amenities.

Fayette County

Located in the heart of the South, it offers a unique blend of modern convenience and traditional charm. From vibrant cities with award-winning restaurants, shopping centers, and historical attractions to rural communities that offer a slower pace of life, Fayette County has something for everyone. Nature lovers will love exploring the area’s rolling hills and pristine lakes or just going for a leisurely stroll along one of many trails perfect for hiking or biking.

Then there’s Hawks Nest State Park, where outdoor adventurers can swim, fish, or boat in the beautiful lake. Other recreational opportunities abound, including golfing, horseback riding, and camping.

Educationally speaking, Fayette County has some of the best public schools in the state, with excellent teacher-to-student ratios. Homeownership is also reasonably priced for those moving to Georgia, with median prices well below national averages, making this county an attractive option for those looking to buy their first house.

Safety is another draw. Crime rates here are among the lowest you’ll find anywhere in the US. Moreover, Fayette is just over 30 miles from downtown Atlanta, providing easy access to employment and unlimited entertainment options.

Cobb County

Cobb is an ideal location to relocate to. This county offers residents abundant city amenities near Atlanta while providing a quieter atmosphere. With its near-constant warm weather and access to nature, Cobb County allows people to enjoy many outdoor activities year-round.

Home buyers can select from various housing styles and lot sizes ranging from single-family homes, townhomes, and condos, amongst other options. Residents can access excellent shopping in the nearby Cumberland Mall and frequent markets in numerous neighborhoods.

Additionally, acclaimed museums, including the Marietta Gone with the Wind Museum, are must-sees for folks interested in learning about Georgia culture. Education is highly valued in Cobb County, with several top-rated school districts serving families.

For those seeking higher education opportunities, Kennesaw State University offers classes for business and education along with sports teams such as Soccer and Volleyball that bring together the local community. It’s no wonder Cobb County is becoming an increasingly desirable place to live due to its many features.

Gwinnett County

Located close to Atlanta’s bustling metropolitan area, Gwinnett County offers residents a great quality of life with ample parks and trails, an outstanding public school system, and job opportunities in the tech, biomedical, and logistics industries. Many areas within the county provide peace for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle.

The city of Lawrenceville features charming downtown sidewalks lined with locally owned restaurants and shops, a wonderful Historical Society Museum located at City Hall, and weekend festivals that will provide plenty of entertainment.

Families who move here can take advantage of numerous activities for children, such as day camps at Little Mulberry Park or mini-golfing at Stone Mountain Adventure Golf and Fun Center. There’s always the Infinite Energy Arena for adults looking for something exceptional for concerts, sporting events, and other entertainment offerings.

Security is also a plus, as Gwinnett County consistently ranks among the safest counties in the nation with impressively low crime rates. With its desirable location, many amenities, and affordable cost of living, it’s no surprise that Gwinnett continues to be one of the most sought-after places to live in Georgia.

Oconee County

Oconee County is the perfect destination for those looking for a place to call home that offers tranquility and outdoor living. It is located in northeast Georgia, close to Athens, and thousands of acres of natural beauty can be discovered in its many state parks, preserves, lakes, rivers, and trails. Nature lovers flock here not only because of the profusion of wildlife but also because of its unique natural surroundings. There’s something here for everyone, from forests and meadows to backcountry rivers.

In addition to its natural resources, the county boasts one of the best school districts in Georgia, with nearby colleges and universities providing plenty of educational opportunities. Recreational activities are plentiful, too, whether you’re looking for a weekend fishing trip or a round of golf. Oconee County is also known for its community events, such as Fourth of July celebrations and holiday festivals.

Furthermore, the schools are top-rated with teachers who put in extra effort to engage students in learning. Additionally, getting around Oconee County is easy. Commuting options range from carpooling communities to public transportation lines extending out of the county.

Telfair County

Telfair is a beautiful and diverse area with various activities for people of all ages. The quiet towns offer a sense of community that cannot be found in large cities, beautifully situated amongst lush greenery and picturesque scenes. Additionally, the temperate climate allows for year-round outdoor recreation such as biking, hiking, and camping.

The county is also home to many charming small businesses which make shopping locally accessible. In recent years, Telfair County has added several healthcare facilities designed to provide top-tier care for residents. This is ideal for those needing specialized treatments without traveling out of town. From exploring the local towns to visiting historical sites and taking advantage of the county’s numerous recreational opportunities, there are plenty of things to do. Telfair County has plenty to offer, no matter what you seek.

Lincoln County

Lincoln County is a perfect choice for those looking for a place to call home. With its beautiful landscapes and rolling hills, Lincoln County creates a picturesque backdrop no matter where you are. The area is known for its friendly people and tight-knit communities; this adds to the wholesome feeling of being in a safe and welcoming place.

Lincoln County offers plenty of activities for families and individuals alike. Whether kayaking on the river or horseback riding through country trails, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Furthermore, several historical landmarks throughout the county allow visitors to go back and learn how life used to be hundreds of years ago. In addition, plenty of independent shops around the area provide unique shopping experiences.

Fannin County

It provides the peace and tranquility that many desire while still being close enough to larger cities such as Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Fannin County is known for its beautiful natural scenery with rolling hills, forests, rivers, and lakes, which is great for anyone who loves the outdoors.

Surrounded by a plethora of possibilities, Fannin county’s vivacious community provides you with countless opportunities to explore. Swan Drive-In and Fall Branch Falls are not to be missed among its most remarkable attractions, while Expedition Bigfoot and the Toccoa Swinging Bridge will surely capture your imagination.

Fannin County is a spectacular place to marvel at its natural beauty and is home to many educational and cultural attractions, such as the Fannin County Museum of History. Furthermore, those looking for retirement homes need not look any further. With plenty of resources available online and through local real estate agents, finding your dream spot that perfectly fits your lifestyle has never been easier.

Lumpkin County

It is the perfect spot for anyone looking to enjoy a rural escape without being too far away from larger cities. This picturesque county in North Georgia’s Gold Country region boasts rolling hills, lush foliage, and cascading waterfalls, making it one of the most treasured areas.

To make matters even better, Dahlonega is conveniently located just thirty minutes away and offers plenty of amenities along with the small-town charm. From its beloved college, the University of North Georgia-Dahlonega, to the historic square full of art galleries, antique shops, and fantastic restaurants, there are always plenty of activities to experience in Lumpkin County or Dahlonega.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into outdoor recreation like fishing and camping or prefer indoor fun such as visiting wine bars or attending live music performances. There’s something for everyone in this charming mountain community.

Rabun County

When searching for that ideal spot to call home, you won’t find a better destination than Rabun County. Yet before committing to the move, be sure to look into these factors:

Cost of living

Before relocating to any county, assess the cost of living in that area. Fortunately, Rabun County offers an affordable lifestyle with lower housing costs and taxes than other Georgia counties. That means you can enjoy a comfortable home without breaking your budget.

Outdoor activities

Its picturesque mountain views, sparkling lakes, numerous hiking trails, and tranquil rivers make it the ideal destination for nature lovers. Adventure seekers can also look forward to fishing, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, and more.


Rabun County offers a great infrastructure with access to high-speed internet, well-maintained roads, and reliable public transportation. All of this helps make a move to the area smooth and stress-free.

Job opportunities

Georgia counties

With its growing economy, Rabun County has many job opportunities ranging from hospitality to healthcare. So those looking for employment will have plenty of options available.

The above counties are worth considering if you’re looking for an away-from-it-all lifestyle without sacrificing too much convenience or amenities. Each one has something unique that makes it stand out among others. Whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or want an alternative way to experience southern hospitality, these counties offer precisely that.

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