The Best Ways That You Can Give Your Garden a Professional Finish


The Best Ways That You Can Give Your Garden a Professional Finish

There are a lot of touches that can be applied to gardens that will give it the look of being done by a professional. Some of these are a lot more straight forward than others but they can all be incredibly helpful regardless. The below list will go through some of these different methods so that you can choose the ones that sound like the best garden option for you.

Understand that Plants Grow

We’ve all done it, walked through the garden center and looked at some of the beautiful potted plants, then decided they would be perfect in a section of the garden or one of the windows somewhere. Whilst that may well be the case, fast forward some years and that plant may well have grown to a size that it is simply not feasible to keep on top of. We often forget that when we buy a potted plant, it is not necessarily at its full size. As such, before you get a new plant, you should make sure that you understand where you need to place it and at what rate it will grow.

Mild Steel Garden Edging

This is a really good way that you can add a natural finish to both your garden, paths and your driveway. You can add a great effect to the edging as well as when it is allowed to age, a rust often develops that coats it and looks fantastic. Steel driveway edging will also allow you to join different lengths together. It can be done by organizations such as Legacy Edging who have a great range of products that you would be able to choose from.

Don’t Just Buy One Plant

One of the tell-tale signs of a beginner gardener is when they buy just one of a lot of different plants. A professional designer will often think in terms of 3, 5, 7 and 10 + when they are buying different plants. Essentially, the more symmetry that you have in your garden, which you will be able to get from grouped plantings, the better.

There is also a psychological element to the above numbers as our brains, whether we intend to or not, instinctively divide things when we see them. As such, when you see 4 plants, you will split them into 2 groups of 2. If you have 3, 5 or 7 then out brains spend more time to look over them. It’s a really effective way to get people interested in your plants.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use the Color Wheel

Don’t worry about taking a stroll down memory lane, back to elementary school where you can look at the color wheel. You should take time to complement clashing colors with one another as they will give your garden an incredibly professional finish. Be sure to do this by putting plants into a different grouping and it will really work well when giving your garden an overall lift. Different colors in your garden really make it look like it has been designed by a professional. Just remember to keep in mind the season in which the plant will be at the desired color.

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