Glass Bathroom Sinks Buying Guide and Decor Ideas


Glass Bathroom Sinks Buying Guide and Decor Ideas

Glass Bathroom Sinks Buying Guide and Decor Ideas

Is A Glass Bathroom Sink Right For You?

Whenever someone does remodeling of a bathroom, they inevitably come to the time when they have to decide what to do about the sink.

There are so many styles of sinks available in so many different materials and mounting options that it is easy to get confused and wonder which option is right for you. In this article, I will cover glass bathroom sinks, with the goal of helping you decide if a glass sink in the bathroom is the best choice for you.

If you are remodeling a bathroom, chances are the reason is you want to update the overall style. Sure, the renovation may be part of an expansion with the goal of getting you more space, but in the end, you want that space to tell your guests about your personal style. Many sinks are meant to be strictly functional, meaning they are not much to look at. They have standard, in-the-counter type mounts and they are either basic white porcelain or perhaps stainless steel.

While there is nothing wrong with any of these options, you really should consider a glass bathroom sink. Glass sinks give you a chance to put your style on display. there are many colors, patterns, and mounting options available.

Perhaps the biggest statement that can be made with a sink comes when you choose a glass vessel bathroom sink. A vessel sink mounts on top of, or partly recessed into, the countertop. This allows the entire bowl, both the inside and outside to be on display. This kind of sink is the definition of something that is both functional as well as beautiful.


If you have not had a glass sink before, you might wonder how durable they are. Like anything else, glass sinks come in a variety of levels in terms of quality. A well-made glass sink is every bit as strong as a porcelain sink.

It is definitely possible to break a glass sink, but the chances of that happening are not very high. Most problems with broken glass sinks come when someone inexperienced attaches the drain improperly and cracks the glass at the bottom of the bowl.


Cracked drain fittings and glass sinks that are cracked due to thermal shock make up the vast majority of broken glass sinks. Thermal shock can happen when a very hot sink surface has ice dumped into it, or a very cold sink surface has hot water poured on it. Glass cannot tolerate this instant and large temperature change and the result is cracking.

This is pretty rare though so as long as you have your drain hooked up by someone knowledgeable and you understand what thermal shock is, you will be fine.

If you are looking for an eye-popping style in your bathroom, consider a glass bathroom sink. this is the best and perhaps only way to get a functional work of art in your bathroom and is also one of the few ways to have your guests talking about your bathroom long after their visit ends.

How Glass Bathroom Sinks Are Made

It is pretty obvious that glass sinks are made with glass. But what you may not know is there is more than one kind of glass making. There are many questions commonly asked about how glass sinks are made, how expensive they are, etc.

There are three main types of glass making used in the production of glass sinks, and the difference largely has to do with what temperature conditions the glass is crafted under.

“Cold Glass” is the term used when making glass sinks at room temperature. The kinds of glass that fall into this category are mosaic glass, stained glass, and glass that is carved or etched.

“Warm Glass” is used for glass sinks made with the process of fusing, slumping, or with other kiln forming techniques at between 1100 and 1700 degrees.

“Hot Glass” is glass sinks made with the process of melting glass at 2200 degrees. The melting glass is gathered on the end of a pipe, and the artist then forms the glass using an oven called a “glory hole”. A glory hole is an oven that maintains 1200 degrees. The resulting sink is then cooled in another oven, called the annealing oven.

Keeping those three main techniques in mind, there are also three categories of glass bathroom sinks available. The process of joining pieces of glass together is called fusing. If the right kind of glass is heated and cooled the right way, the resulting fused pieces will be solid glass. While using this technique, the artist can create many patterns and designs in color.

The sheet of glass that results from this process is then put through what is called the slumping process. This is where the glass is laid onto a mold and heated to the point it fits the mold.

In the case of a sink, the mold would shape the glass that forms the sink. As long as the glass is cooled quickly enough, there will be no movement within and thus, no cracking. The sinks resulting from this technique are quite elaborate and intriguing in design and require hours of labor to create.

Blown Glass

Most of us have heard the term “Blown Glass”. During this process, the artisan gathers layers of heated glass on the end of a rod, and the glass is then blown and worked into the shape of the vessel sink. Color can be inserted into this process at the beginning, giving the ability to create many different sizes, shapes, and colors of glass bathroom sinks. Due to variations in the process, every glass sink made with this technique will be unique.

Mosaic Glass

Mosaic glass is produced when hand-cut pieces of colored glass adhere to the surface of an annealed glass bowl. Annealing is when glass is bent into shape at high temperatures. This process makes the resulting bowl very durable in extreme temperature variations.

Obviously, that is a positive trait in a sink. the mosaic sink is grouted and sealed and usually finished with a clear coating to create a smooth surface. These sinks can be quite colorful and beautiful.

Useful to Know

As you have seen, there is a wide range of techniques used in the production of glass bathroom sinks. The more elaborate and spectacular of glass sinks will be those that are handmade using the methods discussed earlier. But with the increasing popularity of glass sinks, there has been an influx of production line-type options.

For sure you can save money on one of these sinks, but if you put a production line sink next to a handmade glass sink, there really is no comparison. If you can afford a glass bathroom sink made by a true artist, you will find you have added a true work of art to your bathroom. The best part is it is a functioning work of art, and your guests will be talking about it long after they leave your home.

Add Flair With A Glass Bathroom Sink

When you have settled on the shape and type of glass sink you want for your bathroom, it is time to decide on the style and flair you want your glass bathroom sink to display. You can find glass bathroom sinks in a very large range of styles from clear glass to very elaborate and colorful designs that are truly works of art. These sinks are great whether you have a small modest abode or a larger custom home.

  • If you want your home to have a modern edge to its decor, a clear glass bathroom sink is ideal. If you have room for a double bowl, getting this style in a clear glass sink will make a big statement in your modern bathroom.
  • If your style dictates something more than a clear glass sink, there are many glass sinks available glass with intricate patterns and cuts. Some of these patterns are hand-painted and are true works of art. Some have several colors flowing together to form elaborate patterns.
  • The design of your glass sink is limited only by your budget and your imagination. Some people find the perfect glass bathroom sink, then have special lighting installed underneath to highlight their new piece of art.

While not as expensive as marble, granite, or most stone sinks, glass sinks are more expensive than a typical porcelain sink. But there really is no comparison between even a lower-end glass sink and a porcelain sink. The glass sink wins every time because at the very least it is not as common so it is something people tend to take special notice of and talk about.

Glass bathroom sinks are a good middle-of-the-road type of option when you want to add style to your bathroom but don’t have an open-ended budget. You can find some glass bathroom sinks for a couple of hundred dollars. That being said, don’t be fooled into thinking glass sinks are low-cost ways to upgrade your bathroom. Some glass bathroom sinks cost several thousand dollars.

Whatever your budget, there are so many options in glass bathroom sinks available that you are sure to find one that fits your style as well as your pocketbook.

Combined with the right selection in faucets and other hardware, your bathroom sink will become the highlight of your newly upgraded bathroom. Where else can you get both functionality and flair in one piece of glass?

Which Kind Of Glass Bathroom Sink?

Once you have decided that a glass sink is right for your bathroom, you have to decide just which kind of glass bathroom sink you want. There are four basic styles of glass bathroom sinks. These include the glass vessel sink, glass pedestal sink, glass drop-in sink, and glass wall mount sink.

Vessel sink

Vessel sinkVessel sinks tend to be the most stylish and “statement-making” of the four types of glass sinks available for your bathroom. A glass vessel bathroom sink with intricate designs can be a true piece of art in your bathroom.

The good news is it is also functional so you get two things in one. A vessel sink mounts to the top of a countertop, or some are mounted partially recessed into the countertop. This type of mounting means that most of the sink, both inside and outside, are able to be seen. The result can be spectacularly beautiful.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal Sinks: a Few Handy Tips

Pedestal glass sinks for the bathroom look much like a standard porcelain pedestal sink as far as their shape goes.

You can have a glass sink atop a fairly standard pedestal, or you can really go for a bigger look of glass and have the pedestal itself made from glass, with the glass sink mounted at the top.

There are some options in this design that are all one piece and these make for a very classy bathroom sink.

Drop-in Sink

Drop-in SinkIf you want the look for a glass bathroom sink, but don’t want to go too crazy with cost or get too outside the box in terms of style, then perhaps a glass drop-in sink is the choice for you.

These sinks have the same shape as a standard bathroom sink, the difference being they are made out of glass.

You still get the stunning look of glass, it is just not on as big a level as the glass vessel sink or the glass pedestal sink.

Wall Mount Sink

Wall Mount SinkThe fourth style of glass bathroom sinks is the wall mount sink. These sinks are very classy in design, with a minimalist feel to them. The sink is hung from the wall, and there is no cabinet beneath the sink.

This means the drain and water lines will be in view. You can have the water lines run out of the wall above the sink, but the drain is still in view.

One very stylish thing to consider with a wall mount glass bathroom sink is to have the water lines and drain made or encased in something stylish. The result is a very simple yet stylish and upscale look.

Whichever style of glass bathroom sink you choose, take your time and do the research. The bathroom is a small room, many times it is the smallest room in the house. In a room of that size, you are limited in the ways in which you can add style in the decor.

The sink is one area where you can have both function and whatever style you want to impose on the room, so be sure you see all the options before making your decision.

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