Great Tools To Have For Camping and RV Use


Great Tools To Have For Camping and RV Use

Great Tools To Have For Camping and RV Use

With all of the travel limits happening in 2020, traveling regionally or nationally has grown in popularity. There are ample places to go to and beautiful new sights to see, even in your local area. With this new form of travel, likely going well into 2021, you must find the right gear to take with you to make your travels as comfortable and as viable as possible. 

Where To Stay

When deciding what to carry with you, you’ll first want to determine where you will sleep while on the road or at the new, beautiful location. First, you’ll want to consider your options. Of course, there are always hotels and even Airbnbs to rent out, but with a pandemic hanging in the air, you’ll likely want to spend most of your time either outdoors or at your place. Luckily, there are even more options for traveling adventurers.

You can either purchase an RV or a tent to give you more mobility options. The choice between the two will depend on the level of comfort you desire and your budget. When trying to decide the right option for you, you should consider who is coming with you and what the weather will be like during your stay. If you plan on camping solo, these tents from would come in handy.

If you are going to a cold or rainy location, you may want to look into renting or buying an RV or a camper van for your excursions. If you are visiting places during summer or plan to travel to warmer locations, traveling light – in your car and with a tent and some added gear will be fine. Whichever direction you choose, here are tools that will make your life much more comfortable while on the road or during a camping trip

Great Tools To Bring

When going out on a road adventure, there are several tools you’ll want to bring along that will make everything easier for you. While some of these tools may seem like everyday household items, some of them are a must for more extended outdoor trips. Because most people don’t think about bringing them in their RV or packing alongside gear for camping adventures, we are listing the essential tools to bring for an RV trip or even if you are sleeping in a tent.

1. A Hammer or a Mallet

A hammer is a great tool to bring for an RV and a tent. For one, it’ll help you hammer in those tent stakes if you are camping. For an RV, it is a great tool to have as parts can come loose inside, and you can hammer it back into place. You can also use a hammer to reshape things that have gotten loose or to pry open something stuck (all things that can happen within the confinements of an RV). 

2. A Multihead-Screwdriver

Another essential tool to have with you is a screwdriver. This tool is crucial as it can be used for many different things inside an RV. If you are thinking about living in a van and turning it into a camper van, then this may be useful as well to access cupboards or shelves you have built and need to fix. You’ll want to get a screwdriver that is a multi-bit one that has both a flathead screw and a Phillips head screw. 

3. A Portable Generator

Another handy thing for all types of travel, whether in an RV, tent, or camper van, is a portable generator. You can find RV generators online at You’ll want to find the quietest generators to ensure you the noise that loud generators can create. It is imperative to find a quiet generator to keep your space peaceful and enjoy the natural surroundings. A generator is a great thing to have as it can keep many things charged and running simultaneously.

4. Duct Tape 

Duct tape is just one of those things that should go with you everywhere all of the time. It should be in your car, in your house, in your RV, and in your tent. You can use duct tape for just about anything you would ever think of: you can seal anything with duct tape and ensure your tent is waterproof. You can even make useful things out of duct tape if you need them in a hurry, such as a duct tape flask or a duct tape bowl. 

5. Flashlight 

A flashlight is another necessity for every RV or camper. After all, you need to see at night, and draining your phone battery to use the one that gives sub-par lighting outdoors is no replacement for a flashlight. You can also bring along a headlamp, which is a must-have for tent camping but also a great idea for staying in an RV or a camper van. A proper headlamp will allow you to do things with your hands at night while still having light.

6. Pocket Knife 

Pocket Knife 

You’ll also want to have a pocket knife with you, whether staying in a tent or a camper van or RV. A pocket knife can be used for many different reasons, from slicing up food to cutting thinner branches or opening a pre-made meal box. Once you start carrying around a pocket knife, you’ll be shocked that you never had one before as you’ll use it daily.

7. Tire Pressure Gauge 

Another thing to have handy in your car or RV is a tire pressure gauge. This is important as you’ll want to check the tire pressure on your RV regularly. A blowout or a flat on an RV or a large campervan can be very scary, and if you can prevent it from happening, then that is the best choice. 

As you can see, there are several essential tools to bring with you on your next RV or camping adventure. These are great things to keep in either your RV or car to ensure you can handle the situation if anything breaks down. When you’re on the road or camping far away in pure nature, a flat tire, a hole in your tent, or an empty phone battery can ruin the entire experience. Packing up the essentials we talked about above will guarantee you’re well-prepared to meet any challenge and enjoy your outdoor adventure to the fullest.

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