How to Grow Potted Fruit Trees


How to Grow Potted Fruit Trees

Growing Potted Fruit Trees

Many people choose to grow potted fruit trees for a variety of different reasons, instead of growing a tree that is in the ground. Perhaps you live in a small apartment or you want a nice tree to accent your back deck or your new pool. No matter what the reason is that you need a potted fruit tree, there are a variety of things you will need to keep in mind.
First of all, you will need to consider the type and size of the container for your potted fruit tree. When the tree is still quite small, usually a pot that is gallon size will be large enough. Once the tree gets a bit bigger, then you are going to have to get a bigger container for it as well.

Over time, the potted fruit tree is going to become root-bound a period of time, just like any type of plant. So, for this reason, you are going to have to keep increasing the size of the container that you have the fruit tree in.

Growing Potted Fruit

You will also need to consider the shape of the pot you are using for the fruit tree. Most plants will do well with any shape of a container, but a tree will be quite a bit taller, which means it could easily tip over. This can especially be a problem if the tree has a lot of fruit on it or if the wind is blowing pretty hard.

When considering a container, you will also need to keep the material that it is made of in mind. There are some great containers out there that are made of simple plastic and you can find them in any color and design. If you want it to look great, then you’ll be able to get creative with plastic pots.

However, an even better choice for your potted fruit tree is a terracotta pot or even a wood pot that is rot-resistant. Your fruit trees will need to get watered quite often and the wood or terracotta container will actually absorb the water and put it back into the soil as the soil gets dry, which is an advantage over plastic containers.

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As we’ve already mentioned, it is important to water your fruit tree quite often. Some of the things that may contribute to water loss include the trees’ size, the amount of soil that is exposed, and the humidity in the air where you are. Having a layer of mulch for the tree can help keep water from evaporating as much.

Usually, you will only need a layer that is about two inches thick. Also, as the mulch decomposes, it will add more nutrients to the soil as well.

If you don’t have much land available, then potted fruit trees may be your best choice. However, if you keep all of these considerations in mind, then you should have a tree that is an envy of all the neighbors on the block.

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