Honda Lawn Mowers – Best Reliable Garden Equipments


Honda Lawn Mowers – Reliable Garden Equipments from An Established Brand

Did you know that many of the major manufacturers of lawnmowers use Honda engines on their products? Well, now you do.

Honda has not only been manufacturing cars and motorcycles exclusively, although many would initially think of these products when hearing the brand name. Not many people know that Honda actually has a long history of making some of the most powerful Honda lawn mowers available on the market.

But are Honda lawn mowers really as reliable as the other well-known products under this brand? Read on to find out.

First, let’s look into the history of the Honda brand.


Honda has been a very visible part of the American market for the longest time, despite being a Japanese company. It developed the American Honda Motor Company in 1959 and made this the main focus of its entry into the motorcycle market in America. This is how they came to be successful on this side of the world.

This multinational company is best known for placing fifth in the list of the world’s largest manufacturers of automobile products such as motorcycles, scooters, trucks, jets, electrical generators, and even robots! They are also credited to be the largest maker of engines in the world. Who could have imagined they would actually go into the business of producing and distributing Honda lawn mowers as well? Well now, they do. And apparently, they have been doing so for a long time.

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Honda manufactures more than 14 million engines each year, which cater both to their own products and those of their top rivals in the market. This is the kind of innovative as well as a flexible approach to business that has made this brand a worldwide success.

Since its establishment in 1953, Honda has been responsible for the manufacture of more than 40 million products including Honda lawnmowers. They have recently taken on the role of leading the industry in the production of environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient engines to better meet the demands of their clients who are becoming more conscious of environmental preservation.

It is this eagerness to meet the changing needs of their clients through the years that have made them successful and stable in their business. In fact, this has been proven true by research into the reasons why Honda’s motorcycle line remains a trusted and favored brand in the United States.

Honda originally intended to sell larger motorcycles in the United States. A strategy that underwent a complete reversal, when the smaller bikes that their staff drove around the city gained more attention from the public. This plan reversal eventually led to a huge market share.

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So what do all these have to do with Honda lawn mowers? This trip down the beginnings of this brand is aimed at ensuring its client that the same kind of service that people have come to trust through the years is offered in the manufacture and subsequent distribution of all the products from this company—including Honda lawnmowers.

It was in 1979 that the Honda lawn mowers found their way to the United States, and the company has since been making great strides in this type of market as well.

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Honda Lawn Mowers  – Best Garden and Landscaping Equipment

Although it may seem just logical to find riding mowers at Honda, that unfortunately is not the case. The Honda lawn mowers are actually of the traditional walk-behind variety. This did not stop them from providing their clients with a number of great consumer-friendly features.

All models of the Honda lawn mower have several notable features, one of which is the blade shut-off system. This feature makes it possible to empty the mower’s bag without turning off the whole unit as the blades can be turned off separately. This function can actually save both time and fuel, making each mowing session more convenient.

Another notable feature of Honda lawn mowers is the reliability of their engines, which should come as no surprise. The high-quality engines used in their mowers have also improved the mulching capabilities of their units’ twin-blade cutting system.

The handlebar features also add to the convenience of the Honda lawnmowers. These features include easier speed regulation as well as height adjustments to make the mowers more comfortable to use.

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Environment-conscious, are you? No need to worry since the engines built into Honda’s lawnmowers have efficiently met the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Air Resource Board (CARB) for low gas emissions. Moreover, these mowers come with a three-year warranty.

There are eight models of Honda lawn mowers that are available in the market. Three of them use the GVC190 Honda engine, while the rest are powered by the GVC160. Those with the GVC190 engine also have decks that are made of a special material known as Next, which prevents rusting and corrosion—a feature that is unusual for lawnmowers. Next also protects the mowers from accidental dents. The units that have the GVC160 engines on the other hand are made of steel decks.

Whether you prefer the traditional recoil system in your lawnmower or the more modern electric start system, there will be a Honda lawn mower that’s right for you. And when it comes to cutting heights, you can choose a model that does it to as low as three-fourths of an inch or one that can cut up to four inches in height.

Staying true to their reputation of catering to the varied needs of their clients, Honda offers a wide array of varieties in their lawnmower models. Even those who tend to be picky about discharge locations in their unit will find something that will suit their personal tastes. Two unit models have side discharge, while three have them on the rear. There are also a couple of them that has both.

The customizability of these lawn mowers allows more freedom for the client to get what they really want. For mowers that do not have the standard features, a client has the option of adding them to his model. So unless you prefer a riding mower, a Honda lawn mower is an ideal choice for meeting the needs of both you and your lawn.

The company also has a couple of commercial Honda lawn mowers that offer higher performance with much the same features.

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