Household Storage and Kitchen Storage Containers


Household Storage and Kitchen Storage Containers

Household Storage and Kitchen Storage Containers

Household Storage

When it comes to homes one thing is certain- everyone is looking for great household storage ideas. People accumulate possessions, and it seems that the more people prosper, the more they acquire. Thus the need for more household storage bins, accessories, and organizers.

You can categorize the needs for household organizing by room and see what your particular needs are for each room. This is a great way to begin to take the reigns of control back in your life and master the clutter. Bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, closets, children’s rooms, spare bedrooms, garages, and even attics all present their own storage needs.

To keep a home well organized, storage centers must work efficiently and at the same time be convenient. You should have easy access to your storage centers both for retrieving items that are needed and to put away things when they need to be stored.

Bathrooms and Kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens are two rooms that are always in need of a good household storage system. In the bathroom, toiletries, towels, soaps, and even children’s bath toys can present a problem for the home keeper who is looking to keep the room in pristine condition and well organized.

Containers, bins, and even additional closets are frequently used to handle the storage needs. The bathroom offers its problems, however. Because many bathrooms are high humidity environments, your choice of storage containers should be well protected from water or humidity.

Using storage containers in closets is one way to create more space, however many people prefer to keep a limited amount of supplies in the bathroom and store the rest of needed essentials and products in another closet, preferably in a nearby hallway.

Cookware Storage

Kitchens are another area that presents challenges for those looking for household storage. China, pots and pans, cookbooks, utensils, and appliances present themselves as potential objects seeking permanent homes.

The size of the kitchen may also determine the need for additional household storage containers and bins. Not every kitchen has a pantry, but for those that do, many find that most of their storage needs are met. However, people have been very creative and have devised many nifty ways to tackle the kitchen clutter.

Microwave carts and shelving are a great way to keep your microwave well organized. Using the underside of your cabinets for appliances is also an effective way to create space. Hanging pots and pans from a ceiling rack will free up cabinet space that can be used to store other appliances. A beautiful china cabinet will help protect and display your finest pieces.

Using kitchen organizers and accessories will help you get a handle on all of those extra pieces that may not seem to have a place. If you need additional storage space in your kitchen, you may want to invest in more cabinets. Cabinets are one of the best ways to expand upon the storage areas that you already have available to you.

There are also many drawers and cabinet organizers that will help you maximize your storage capabilities with the cabinets that you already have. Racks, carts, shelves, even organizers that attach to the wall are all great ways to enhance your storage space and make your home run smoothly and efficiently.

Closet Storage Ideas

Space in houses has always been and continues to be at a premium. Traditionally, clothing was stored in stand-alone tall cabinets called wardrobes, or armoires. This fine piece of furniture contained drawers and tall hanging space. These days, it is standard practice for homes to have built-in closets in bedrooms. So much so, that some building codes define a room as a bedroom if it has one or more closets.

The typical closet is fitted with one hanging rod located 64 inches above the floor, with one shelf above it; useful, but not the most efficient for maximizing storage space. The shelf is too high for convenient access, and the single hanging rod ensures that long items often drag the floor, with shorter shirts leaving space unused under them.

To start with, the average closet can be vastly improved by replacing the single hanging rod with shorter rods at two or three different heights from the floor. They can be located to accommodate clothing items of particular lengths, such as shirts, jackets, gowns, and slacks. Some of the spaces can be below others, for example, the rod for hanging suits and jackets can blow the rod for hanging shirts. Another advantage of this arrangement is that a shorter rod can support more weight without sagging than a longer one will.
How much vertical space do different types of clothing need? Refer to the following rules of thumb-

-Suits and jackets: 38 inches of hanging space
-Shirts: 42 inches
-Trousers: 50-54 inches
-Slacks (folded over a hanger): 20 inches
-Coats: 50 inches
-Dresses: 45 inches
-Evening gowns: 68-70 inches

Closet Shelving Systems

A must when reworking closet storage is to get shoes up off the floor, not only do they make it hard to close sliding closet doors, they also collect dust, make cleaning the floor difficult, and there is always too many shoes and not enough space. Installing shelves low to the floor, cabinets with shoe-sized cubbyholes, or shoe racks, or a hanging pocket-type shoe storage system will go a long way towards getting things organized and neat-looking.

Shelving can also be added between the shorter hanging rods stacked vertically. These can neatly hold and store just about anything you have in your closet now in a messy jumble, like sweaters, linens, hats, scarves, handbags, etc. The more shelves you can fit in, the easier it is to organize and separate different types of items.

Shelves can be installed in many ways. You can buy readymade wooden or metal shelving or build them yourself. Modular bin-type storage systems are available in various designs and materials as well. These are easily assembled and installed. Plastic modular storage uses transparent material you can see through to keep track of what is stored where.

An alternative to shelving is to use low chests of drawers placed on the floor. Make sure they are not too deep to fit inside the closet, though. You can even use the sides of taller drawer cabinets as supports for hanging rods.

If you prefer, you can buy a complete closet storage system specially designed for maximizing storage space. These come ready to assemble into one unit which will fit into your existing closet. All kinds of ingenious solutions are incorporated into these systems, for example, wall-hung grids, peg-boards, sliding racks, and rotating dollies. While they are a bit more expensive than a do-it-yourself approach, if you have limited time and want to get organized, this is the way to go.

Space Saving Tips

– Get rid of your old wire clothes hangers and replace them with new hangers specially made for specific clothing items. For example, hanging racks that hold as many as 6 pairs of trousers on one hanger.

– Replace sliding closet doors with folding or hinged doors, so that you can see the entire closet at once. This will also allow the use of the back surface of the closet door for storage pegs, hanging tie racks, or hats.

– Modular storage bins can be especially useful in a child’s bedroom; they can help encourage neatness

– Consider using under bed storage for storing blankets and other linens rather than closets

Kitchen Storage Containers

Kitchen storage containers have come a long way since Tupperware, although those vacuum top plastic kitchen storage containers, which come in every imaginable shape, size, and color and which come in sets of up to a hundred, are still America’s favorite.

Many kitchens today incorporate style and storage, and kitchen storage containers are used to display as well as hold items. Spaghetti can be placed in long, glass canisters with stainless steel tops, and sugar, salt, and flour can be stored the same way. Lentils and other legumes can create a beautiful design in elegant glass kitchen storage containers that show the beauty and color of food.

Spice racks can be the traditional wooden variety or can display spices in glass bottles on a revolving, stainless steel base. Spice racks can also be built directly into your wall, and the containers for the spices should be of the same variety so they can fit well onto the small shelves and create a balanced, consistent look.


Classic kitchen storage containers are made of ceramic and have blue-painted designs. These are labeled with what is contained in them, and you can purchase these classic kitchen storage containers anywhere. You can make these ceramic containers fit in with the decor of your kitchen by finding ceramic that picks up the color of your tile.

Tired of stale bread or slices cold from the refrigerator? Kitchen storage containers for bread keep mold away and resist spoilage while enhancing your kitchen decor. Bread bins are available in wood, plastic or steel, and are available wherever kitchen storage containers are sold. The most elegant type of ceramic kitchen storage containers are Dutch tile and finding these classic items provide one with an excellent excuse to make a trip to Holland.

There is nothing that adds more flair to a table than items that serve as kitchen storage containers while at the same time, are decorative and elegant. Try oil and vinegar flasks with curved glass bottoms. They are usually available in pairs and a stainless steel carrier.

Salt and pepper shakers are the quintessential kitchen storage containers that have the greatest variety of designs. Experiment with the best kitchen storage containers for your home, and combine practicality with elegance.

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