How to Build a Garden Around a Swimming Pool


How to Build a Garden Around a Swimming Pool

How to Build a Garden Around a Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is not just water in a concrete vessel or whatever material the base is made out of. Other accessories, as well as the features, make it look more beautiful and inviting, especially those that surround it.

For that reason, people like to add some sculptures, lights, waterfalls, fountains to make it appear more welcoming and relaxing too. The garden is another thing people may find near the pool.

A pool garden is a perfect place for anyone to unwind and relax. Just imagine lying down next to a pool on a hot summer day with all sorts of vegetation surrounding you. A blissful experience it must be. Not to mention the feeling of freshness which only plants can provide.

If you would like to decorate your pool with plants but are unsure of where to start and how to do so, this article may be useful for you. The main topic will be how to build a luscious garden that surrounds your swimming pool.

Start With The Basics

So if you have your own swimming pool, the first thing to start with is to clean it. Meaning, all of those plants will mean nothing if the pool is not presentable. True that you will need to do a lot of work, however, it is truly worth it.

You can grab yourself a brush and other alternative cleaning products after doing your research and start scrubbing. Or you may not want to trouble yourself and hire pool stain removal specialists to do the work for you. It is also worth mentioning that to have a clean swimming pool, you will also need to monitor its chemical levels. It is advised to check it at least three times during the week. Through pool care, you will ensure safe and clean water for everyone throughout the whole swimming season.

Just imagine what joy you will feel once you decorate it with a garden as well.

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Add Succulents

Succulents are becoming more and more popular and are in recent years being integrated with other plants in the back and front yard. What that means is these plants can be found growing at the poolside too. Whatever the color they are, they can be used as foundation plants. It would be wise to make sure that succulent plants are near the pools though, and that spas do not have spines. Meaning, no needles, and thorns.

The reason would be if you have children or any other guests, their skin will be subjugated to wounds since they are, well, in their swimsuits. A vast number of succulents do not have a spine, and if they do, it is rather small. If you would choose a larger specimen, it would be advised to place them in the back border or on a raised bed.

Fresh Smell

There is no other smell that is better than one that comes from nature itself. Especially the fragrance coming from shrubs, trees, and sweet-scented vines. You can always plant a few near your pool and along its path.

Some of these plants become even more fragrant during the evening hours. Many of the vines, shrubs, and cactuses have scents that you can not capture in a candle or perfume. Just imagine what a night pool swim would be like with these planted. You can buy cheap online pool accessories From Here.

Should I Add a Fence?

In case you have a very noisy neighbor, and you would like some privacy, or even if you simply want to make a landscape worthy of admiration, you might consider adding a fence around your yard. Before putting it up though, it would be wise to make sure that it meets the regulations of the place you are living in. Also, it would be advised to check if the homeowner is alright with your choice. Besides adding a fence, there is an alternative.

More natural ways of adding to a private swimming pool environment may be more appealing to you. For example, you could plant shrubs around your pool area or even set up a trellis with vines. In case you are living in a tropical climate, you could even have a grower of palm trees surrounding your property.

All of these solutions will not only give you a sense of privacy but will enhance the overall look of your pool garden.

Plant a Tree

You would need to plant trees strategically to make them feel like they are an integral part of your poolside. Being that said, you do not just want to plant a tree right next to the pool. Many trees do ahead flowers, leaves, and fruit as well that can litter up your pool and clog the cleaning equipment.

It would be wise to check out for trees that are not shedding during the swimming season to save yourself from having to clean up after the mess trees can leave behind. Also, it would be advised to pay attention to the size of the tree. If it is too large, its roots will expand as well and it could damage your plumbing or concrete structure of the swimming pool.

Proper Lighting


If you live in a hotter climate, there is a possibility you will enjoy your pool, even more, when the sun goes down. Even so, do not worry, lighting your pool does not mean sacrificing the overall artfully scenery. The best lighting for your pool would depend on the theme you have set for your landscape.

For instance, if you have a lot of tropical plants, think about decorating the surrounding area with tiki torches. If you are looking for a more romantic or softer look, you could try out to put a string of light across your poolside patio. On the other hand, if you desire something less noticeable during the day, you could always install small solar-powered lights around the perimeter of the yard.

It is a different challenge for everyone to landscape the swimming pool area. The design of each individual is unique and has its own flair. When it comes to choosing a pool landscape, the thing remains the same at the end of the day.

If you are a laid-back type of person, think of the maintenance, or if not, think about how you will dazzle your visitors with the perfect and extravagant garden that surrounds your swimming pool.

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