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How to Build a Water Garden?

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In order to maintain a healthy water garden, there are a number of supplies you’ll need. While some opt for a more basic pool, others prefer an elaborate landscape that includes waterfalls, fountains, and a full lighting system. With this in mind, there are some items on this list that you may choose not to include in your water garden.

  • A liner or prefabricated pool: Before beginning construction on your pool, you’ll need to purchase a liner. It should be large enough to fit the excavation site, overlapping the edges of the dug area. You can figure out the size of the liner you’ll need by multiplying the depth by two and adding a foot in each direction to the length and width of the area.
  • Border materials: This is a matter of personal taste. Some popular choices include stone or brick. Since this material will frame your water garden, you’ll want to choose a heavy substance that is not damaged when wet.
  • Shovel, backhoe, and stakes for excavation: If you are building the pond yourself, you’ll need these tools to dig the soil out of the site. If you’re having a professional do it, you don’t have to worry about these items.
  • Water pump: In choosing the right pump for your water garden, you’ll need to determine the required flow rate. The minimum flow rate should be at least half of the volume of the pond. If you choose to have a waterfall, you’ll need to increase the flow rate. The reason why a water pump is important to your water garden is because it ensures proper circulation, which is crucial to both plants and animals.
  • Water filter: A water filter is equally as important as a pump because it provides high-quality water crucial in maintaining healthy fish. Although higher quality filtration systems tend to be more expensive, they also require less maintenance and provide better water quality. In this case, the bigger the filter, the better.
  • Aquatic plants: With so many options, choosing what kinds of plants you want for your water garden may be difficult! Just make sure that you choose a variety of plants from each plant group, which include marginal or bog plants, submerged plants, and floating plants.
  • An assortment of fish: A well-stocked pond is one of the things that make your garden both beautiful and unique. There are a number of types of fish to choose from, and popular choices include goldfish and Japanese Koi. There are many varieties of goldfish, which range in color, size, and behavior. Koi are known for their beauty and large size. And an average Koi lives to be 70 years old!
  • Water treatment supplies: Since even the best filter is not able to keep a water garden clean all the time, you may need to purchase water treatment supplies. For example, investing in a pH test kit will enable you to know if the pool’s pH level is optimum. And if it’s not, there are chemicals that can be added to either increase or decrease the level.
  • Fish care supplies: These include fish food and fish treatment medication (in case of illness). You may also want to invest in a small net in case you’ll need to transport your fish out of the water garden if it needs to be cleaned.
  • Fountains or waterfalls: Although not required, the sound of running water is pleasing. Many consider waterfalls the cherry on top.
  • Nighttime illumination: Adding lights to your water garden will let you enjoy it at any time. Solar-powered and color-filtrated lights are two popular options.

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