How To Care For a Vandalized Garden?


How To Care For a Vandalized Garden?

How To Care For a Vandalized Garden

Vandalism is difficult to prevent and control, most especially if your neighborhood is filled with youth looking for something naughty to do. Building walls, fences, and public spaces are not the only places that can be vandalized because even gardens can be vandalized as well.

Community gardens must be cared for by everyone in the community, most especially by those who live nearby and not just by the gardeners alone. Private gardens, on the other hand, must constantly be populated and secured, but their beauty must also be shared by the community. Here are a few tips you use to help you care for your garden:

Always Maintain Your Vandalized Garden

When your garden has been vandalized, you must not give up caring for it. It is important that you continue to care about it regularly in order to bring it back to its original state. Spend some social time in your garden, talk to neighbors over the fence or hedge as you go about with your gardening tasks. You can also invite children who are interested in gardening to help you out.

Give Your Garden Sufficient Light

While gardens need sufficient light during the day, they also need sufficient light during the night for protection. Though the sidewalk lamp may provide ample light for your garden, it is still essential that you have low-voltage lights inside your garden. Not only will it keep vandals away, but it can also help keep large pests away too.

Secure Your Garden

Locking your garden design gates whenever you leave and even during the night is important. Sure, vandals may consider climbing your garden fence no matter how high they may be, but sometimes a locked garden discourages vandals from exerting too much effort just to have fun.

Plant Wisely

Visible plants, vegetables, and even fruits that have attractive sizes and colors can tempt vandals to enter your garden. Plant your vegetables and fruits away from the pathway and other spaces in the garden that can be easily seen by passers-by.

Celebrate Your Garden

Your garden may be your pride and joy, so why not share it with your neighbors and other community members? If your garden can hold quite a number of people, throw a simple garden party or potluck and invite some neighbors and their kids over. Make it a point to have youths invited as well because they are potential vandals in a community. You can also engage them in a gardening activity or just have some outdoor games.

Get Children Involved in Your Garden Home

If you have concern for your community, you can get the children to help you beautify your garden. You can have them paint murals on your garden wall depicting the beauty of nature and its importance. When you get the young ones involved, they become concerned about your garden and even lookout for it.

Have Troublemakers Pay The Consequences

It is understandable if you feel frustrated about having to repair or replace what has been damaged in the garden. This is why you can always get the vandals to pay the consequences by having them help you out each day in the garden and even chip in to cover any serious damages inflicted.

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