How To Cook The Perfect Dinner For Your Date Night


How To Cook The Perfect Dinner For Your Date Night

How To Cook The Perfect Dinner For Your Date Night

When there’s a special person in your life, you’d stop at nothing to make them happy. Whether it’s a holiday in the Bahamas, a trip to Disneyland, or alone time from the comfort of your home, there’s no limit to the extent you can go for them.

If you’ve been racking your brain on what kind of date to take your special person to, a dinner date with all the candles and a cool playlist is an option you should consider.

A dinner date tells your partner you care so much about them and you’re willing to do anything to make them happy — especially if they know you barely have time to do such things.

Whether you decide to cook for your significant other alone or together, there are a number of simple romantic meals that not only look good but taste as impressive as those of your favourite expensive restaurant meals. Learn how you can prepare the perfect dinner for your date.

1. Prepare An Appetizer

While the main meal is being prepared, it would be nice if you dish out some simple appetizers. It shouldn’t be something that fills you up, just a light hors d’oeuvre. Why do you need an appetizer when something delicious is being prepared? Because you don’t want to get too hungry which could kill the mood.

If you can’t think of anything, a light tossed salad can make the cut for an excellent appetizer; the bruschetta or hummus and pita chips are also options you can consider. Don’t forget the idea is to keep it simple and not take over the main dish.

Plan this alongside your meal before date night so you’re certain your date would love what’s being served. If it’s a surprise dinner being planned, take note of things they have ordered at restaurants or you could just ask them what they like directly.

2. Cook A Simple Main Meal

The main meal should be delicious and light; it shouldn’t make you so full it’s difficult for you to walk. Of course, you should be full but not in an uncomfortable way. Opt for a meal that can let you properly display your cooking skills but at the same time doesn’t stress you out. You could add amorous additives such as almonds, basil, and oysters if you hope the night takes a romantic turn.

While preparing the meal, don’t cook what would be difficult to eat or messy. Foods like soup or pasta may not be too good of a choice as you’d not want to be focused on removing stains rather than having a conversation. Try whipping up a safe vegetable dish with organic grass-fed steak on your dinner date.

That should be pretty simple for you to make. But as much as possible avoid using too many onions, ginger, or foods with strong odours. They cause bad breath and are not romantic. As with the appetizer do plan ahead for the meal and prepare what you are certain they’d love and not react to.

3. Don’t Forget The Dessert to get a Perfect Dinner

Who doesn’t love when there’s attention to detail? That doesn’t just include ensuring your meal is well-cooked. Just like other parts of the meal that weren’t over-filling, the dessert shouldn’t be an exception. You could get light ice cream or pastry alongside some fruits that are really great for an after-dinner dessert. Strawberries, chocolate, banana, or other aphrodisiacs can be included in the dessert.

Again, opt for desserts that wouldn’t cause a huge mess such as syrups and sauces. Well, messy or not, ensure whatever you prepare would be loved by your date.

4. How Appealing Is Your Dinnerware?

It’s not just okay to have prepared a delicious meal, is it being served on a nice dinnerware with your best cutlery in use? This not only adds class to the dinner, it tells your date that you went all out for them and value their presence.

The whole point of the date is to make your loved one feel special so why hold back? Except it’s an outdoor picnic which it isn’t, don’t use paper or plastic wares. It subtly kills the vibe and makes the entire thing seem like a rush-hour plan.

5. Fewer Lights, More Fire

Make sure you dim the lights where you will be eating. Instead of electrical lights, light up a few candles to put you both in the mood. Dim lights help to create an intimate space for you and your date.

Don’t use scented candles as they might take away the scent of the food you’re eating. When you’re done eating, don’t forget to put off the candle.

6. Let Drinks Be Part Of Your Dinner

There should be drinks before, during, and after the meal; not too much that you both wouldn’t have any more space for the food. The drinks could be soda or alcoholic beverages depending on what you both prefer. Wine might go well during the meal and a hot tea for after you’ve had dinner. A cup of tea can help wave off drowsiness you might have after eating.

If you’re wondering what drinks to serve your date, keep in mind that the food you’re having determines the choice of drinks to be served. White wines usually pair well with the grass-fed steak mentioned above or related vegetarian meats while red wine with red meats. Also, if you’re hoping or would love for the night to get romantic, cocktails are an option to consider.

7. Clean Up Nice

Leave a good impression on your date whether it’s the first or tenth time they’d be having dinner at your place. Cleaning up nice isn’t restricted to your outfit alone but how neat your apartment is too. When your place is cluttered and unkempt, it kills the mood and leaves a terrible impression.

As you’re picking what outfit you should wear, vacuum and dust your apartment. No matter how kind you are, no one is attracted to dirt. Literally, no one.

Preparing the perfect dinner for your loved one doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re confused about what to make, find out in a subtle way what they’d prefer on a date night.

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