How To Find the Right Strain for You To Grow?


How To Find the Right Strain for You To Grow

In the last several years, the number of states in which it is legal to buy cannabis products has expanded significantly. That is great news for all cannabis enthusiasts, as now that they are regulated, weed-infused products are much safer.

However, you could even go one step further and start growing your own weed. After all, there are many cannabis strain guides from which you can choose from, such as low-odor strains or very potent strains. Because of that, you are bound to find one that will fit your needs!

Now, it might not be an easy process. Thankfully, the internet is an excellent source of information on the subject, so that even if you have no idea where to start, guides that are available online will assist you. In a moment, we will help you decide which strain of cannabis you should grow. Let’s go!

What Type of Strain Should You Grow?

There are many cannabis strains out there, and they all have different properties. For example, there are indicas, which are great for relaxing, while sativas are excellent for stimulating the mind and body.

Moreover, there are also hybrids of these two types. For instance, an indica and sativa hybrid is good for both recreational use and medical consumption. Taking this into account, if you really want to grow cannabis, you should consider your needs before picking a strain.

How Were Indica and Sativa Strains Created?

While it is hard to say when the first cannabis plants were discovered, they probably grew in the wild. Today, there are over one hundred marijuana strains that are used by people from around the world, but they all have one thing in common: they come from just two original strains of cannabis, namely indica and sativa.

Indica plants grow short and wide, and their leaves are broad and dense. On the other hand, sativas grow tall and thin with lighter leaves. Cannabis users tend to refer to this distinction when choosing a strain that fits their needs best.

Which One Is Best for Medical Use?

Even though there are plenty of studies on this subject, it is hard to tell which strain is better for medical cannabis use. It is because each strain provides different effects. What is more, what works for one person might not work well for another.

With that in mind, you can speak to a medical marijuana doctor in Missouri or other states where medical cannabis is legal in order to determine which strain might be best for your particular condition. Online specialists like Zamnesia offer a variety of strains specially formulated to best treat your specific ailments.

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Which One Is Best for Recreational Use?

Sometimes, people use cannabis for recreational purposes only, so it is important to take that into account when deciding which strain you should grow. That being said, if you really want to consume marijuana recreationally and are after an energy boost, then go for sativas. On the other hand, if you want to relax after a hard day at work or simply want to go to sleep faster, indicas will be better for you.

Which One Is Best for Insomnia?

There are many strains that can provide you with a good night’s sleep, but if you want to make sure that you will fall asleep fast without tossing and turning all night long, then indica strains will be better for you than sativa ones would be.

That is because indicas induce sleepiness quickly, while sativas do not provide the same effect at all. However, when it comes to staying asleep throughout the whole night, sativa can definitely help you with that.

Which One Is Best for Depression?

Depression is a serious condition that can interfere with your daily life. The sad part is that there is no cure for this condition yet. However, there are some treatments that could help with alleviating the symptoms of depression, including the regular use of cannabis.

After all, many strains of cannabis can even help reduce the symptoms of depression significantly and provide relief from sleeping problems caused by this condition. Thus, if you have depression, treating it with cannabis products instead of antidepressants is a viable option. In that case, sativa strains would be better for you than indica ones would be.

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In Conclusion

As you can see above, it is important to know what you are after before deciding which strain you are going to be growing. If you already know what kind of strain works best for you, then you only have to think about whether you want to grow your plants inside or outside.

Growing your plants inside will require you to set up a special room, but it is much less demanding than growing your plants outside. Outside, you will have to make sure that your plants are protected from the elements, which can be quite difficult in many regions.

Either way, no matter which one you choose, growing cannabis will definitely be an interesting experience. Better yet, if you turn out to be pretty good at it, it might transform into a very lucrative hobby!


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