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The houseplants are the important components that can improve the livelihood in your home. The houseplants can accentuate your home with great design, warmth, as well as ambiance in every room. In many houses, the hanging plant pots can be the “hands-off’ focal point of a room. It can be one of the keys to making your house more lively.

If it is the first time for you, it can be daunting to look for the right hanging plant pots. Whether you’d like to add it to your terrace, veranda, living room, garden, yard, or any other space, picking the right hanging planters is not only about getting the right product for your plant, but also one which can appeal to every pair of eyes who is in your house.

To find the best hanging plant pots for your house, you could consider these aspects in advance.

Get the right size

When it comes to the right hanging planters, size does really matter. If the pot is too large, it will make the soil dry slowly, affecting the survivability of the plant. But when the pot is too small, the plant has the tendency to overgrown…

In many cases, the plant could tip over. The soil will dry quickly so that your plant might often need more water to nurture. If the water is not frequent enough because of the smaller sized pot, it will affect the growth rate of your plant.

It is a great idea to prepare larger size pots for plants that have a rapid growth rate. The two to four inches larger in diameter will be great. Meanwhile, if the plants are slow-growing, the oversize rate can be one to two inches.

Choose the Right Material

The hanging plant pots in the market come in different materials to choose from. The most common pots materials are plastic, terra cotta, or clay.

For those who are fond of more designs and colors, the plastic pots group usually gives a wider array of options for you. Not to mention that the plastic pots are lightweight and more affordable than the other pot materials. Plastic pots are great water retainers. That means you will less frequently water your plant. The lightweight of plastic pots will also minimize the risk of overturning when you hang your plant.

Terra cotta pots materials come with heavier characteristics. Usually, the designs are more artistic and unique. These pots are porous so that you will need to water your plants more frequently.  

Your Goals

hanging plants

Obviously, you won’t get DIY hanging planters from the market without having a clear objective.

While one can always put their plants in conventional pots or planters, it will be much better to put the plants above.

Some plants might be great at the bottom, but some plants need to be elevated so that one would notice them the first time they enter your living room or any other space. That’s why the hanging plant pots are considered as the focal points.

The hanging plant pots can also be beneficial in practical aspects.

For instance, if you live in a small apartment or house, the last thing you want is that your room is cluttered with plant pots that you put in many sections. You can free up the room by using the hanging planters. The floor will be clutter-free so that everyone will be able to move without worrying about kicking your pots.

So, what do you really want to do with the hanging flowers or plant pots?

Choose the styles wisely

When it comes to hanging planters, there will be tons of options that you will see in the marketplace. It is recommended not to pick the first option that you come across. the thing is that you might lose the chances to come across much better options for you. There are styles and designs that you can compare before making the decision.

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 Where do you want to place the hanging plant pots?

hanging plant pots

The location of your hanging planters will also determine the quality of your plants. It has things to do with the choice of your pots too.

For instance, if you would add your plants in the area with good humidity, then you can have peace of mind to use Terra Cotta plant pots since you don’t need to worry about the water in the soil dries quickly.

But if you add your plant to a hotter area, you will need to get the Plastic hanging pots. As mentioned, plastic pots tend to retain the water longer. By picking this, you will be able to prevent more frequent watering.


If you have been considering the tips above, you can start shopping. what kind of hanging plant pots that you want to get for your living area?

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